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nkrzApril 20, 2008

I live in Southeast Ohio and I wanted to know if anyone else around here has this problem. My husband and I have noticed that when it rains, we get these dark greenish brown worms that just congregate to our concrete driveway, and even climb in under our garage door to get to our garage. The worst thing about these worms is the smell they give off. They are a small thin worm, but they are a really big pain when it rains. Any other time I never see them. I just wondered if anyone knows what these worms are called so I can know what to do with them.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi nkrc,

I too have a bit of a worm problem at different times of the year. They get on my concrete carport. They do that when we have had much rain, and the soil is totally saturated. They are merely heading to higher ground to keep from drowning. There is really nothing that can be done, other than trying to provide some drainage, so they won't be forced to go to higher ground.

Mine end up dying on the carport, as I don't go out and get them and put them somewhere where they can survive. Possibly they are near death or dying by the time they find the higher ground. I have thought many times that I should gather them while they ar still alive, and put them in the garden spot, or a flower bed, but just have not made or taken the time to do that when it is raining out, or shortly after it quits. Subsequently, most die, dry out, stick to the concrete, and then have to be scraped up later. They won't just sweep off...sigh...

I've not noticed the color of mine particularly, or that they stink, but then mine are in the open air. Dead worms do stick though...remembering many a bait box with dead worms in it.


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