Where can I get a tree dolly in central ohio?

lynbornmanApril 13, 2007

Ok...so I know this is a very specific question and unlikely to get any responses but I'm posting for my dear husband. We went to an auction last saturday in Powell and bought 23 trees (YIKES!) for practically nothing. Incredible deal but now we have to plant them. They are large burlapped evergreen trees and my husband can drag them around the yard but it is a lot of work and he'd be able to plant them much quicker if he had a dolly. We've found several dollies all over the internet but shipping is as much as the cost of the dolly. There must be someplace that is local that we can either buy one or rent one. Anyone have any thoughts at all?



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roadtrip(z6 OH)

If you have a Harbor Freight you may have luck with something there. They may not have tree dollies, I didn't see them on the website, but you never know what they may have in store.


Also found them at the AM Leonard site... they are located near Dayton (mail-order only), but the shipping seemed resonable last time I ordered from them... based on the total of the order not the weight of the item... tho some larger items may be taged as oversize and subject to additional shipping charges.


As for rentals... try Lowes of Home Depot. I know some locations also rent tools, tho not sure about availability of tree dollies. You may also want to try your yellow pages and look under tool rental. One other shot is to call local greenhouses/nurserys and ask if you can borrow or rent one from them. I would doubt it tho as it's the really busy season for all growers and I'm not sure they'd part with a piece of equipment like that at this time of year. Worth a shot at least... all they can do is tell you no!

Good luck!!!

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Call Oakland. If they know, they will tell you. They are very nice helpful people.

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Thanks for the help. Its funny, we called oakland and they too recommended am leanonards. AM leonards was going to charge us over $100 to ship it and it only cost about $200. So we decided to go pick it up. They have a store in Piqua and actually had them in stock. They actually had exactly what we wanted. We could use a store like that in Columbus. Its about an hour and a half drive for us...but worth the $100 plus shipping fee. My husband is on his way to Piqua right now. Thanks again!

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