dirtgirldianaApril 12, 2007

This is to all my new gardener friends. I'll be at Demonyes at 8:30. I'll be the lady with the pink gardening gloves on and a fanny pack. Would love to say hello to a gardenwebber.

I realize I just joined but feel like I've been here forever. I've been a lurker for about three years now.

I've been afraid to join for fear of becoming addicted to posting..and my work wouldn't be to happy.

(((back to work))))



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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Welcome Diana!

Lurked for 3 years? My my. Have you ever wondered if you ever saw other GWers at Garden Events in your area?

I read you mem page. I retired about 8 years ago, and now am busier than ever. I'm afraid to say that I became addicted to GW soon after I joined. My first found addiction after joining was an interest in growing a variety of tomatoes in my garden. I've always grown tomatoes, and canned for years, but didn't know that there are maybe 10,000 different varieties. I know have a collection of about 250 different ones and soon need to narrow the field on what I need to Winter Sow soon.

I was up until the wee hours of the morning researching tomatoes, for weeks on end initially.

Do you Winter Sow?...another wonderful addiction I hear.

Then there are the Exchange Forums here...another wonderful

Seed and Plant out! Way too much fun to ever stop oneself.

There are several free seeds for postage (sase or sasbe-self addressed stamped bubble envelope) offers at the Seed Exchange, and at Winter Sowing.

If you trade or use a lot of the boards, you might want to change your email settings (Go to Member Pages link at the very bottom of any page here and follow the links). It is best to set them to show email to Members only, and allow others to email you via the forms at GW. There is no email link or way to email you as your page is now.

I hope you will be a regular here.

Once again...Welcome...glad to see you finally made it here.


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My husband and I are going to go but probably not until afternoon. There is a local nursery down the street from us in Powell, Fortmeyers and Sons and they too are having a really cheap perennial sale tomorrow. So we're going to hit them both up. Fortmeyers has a limit on how many you cana buy. Do you know if DeMonyes has a limit?


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I don't think so; plenty of people this morning were loading up their shopping carts and hand carts.

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Well we made it out alive and bought about 100 more plants than we had planned. It was our first time but well worth the trip. What a great sale. I'm so glad I happened to have today off...that never happens. I imagine its going to be a mad house tomorrow.

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Well I went to the sale Friday and left with 5 flats. Two were for other people. Knowing that I really didn't need the three I bought I went back Sunday and bought another flat. ((Hi..I'm a flower addict)) Sunday there were only a few people there. They had so much left. I did ask if they were going to honor the price after Sunday and was told more than likely they will.

Also, Sue you mentioned winter sowing, yep..this is my first year trying it. I looked at my member page and noticed that my favorites sites are changed. Humm...wonder what happened..It should have said winter sowing and Ohio Valley forum.

Will post later..have a great day everyone.

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