Favorite Lexington Nurseries

toddscv(KY 5/6?)April 19, 2008

I want to garden in earnest this season, and still haven't found a favorite Lextington KY nursery. Any suggestions??

Would especially like to find a good source for roses.

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There are many on Nicholasville Rd, have you tried those? I also found Lowe's has a better collections compare to other big box stores. I haven't heard a particular nursery with great roses selections, so your best bet will probably buy from catalogs. Jackson & Perkins sells direct to customers through their catalog too.

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Wilson Nursery in Frankfort is a very big nursery with a pretty good variety and healthy plants. Depending on what part of town you live in, you can get there in 20-30 min.

Hillenmeyer Nursery in Lexington is also a pretty good place, also with healthy plants, although they tend to be on the expensive side.

I've never been to Kings Gardens, which is out Nicholasville Rd closer to Nicholasville itself, but I have driven past and it looks like a large operation. They often have coupons or sale notices in the friday/saturday papers.

Shooting Star Nursery in Georgetown is a really awesome place that sells native species. They are a good source of wildflowers for butterfly gardens. Don't think they would have roses.

I only have 3 rose bushes, and I think I got all 3 on sale at Walmart. I'm not a big rose fan.

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leafy02(6 Central Kentucky)

In case this post turns up when anyone new is looking for nurseries around Lexington, I'm new to town and here is my take on the local spots I've been to:

King's Gardens has a great selection of large glazed pots, garden decor, etc. They also have a lot of plants, trees and shrubs, and they are in great shape so far this season. The plants they have are not unusual varieties, by and large, but they aren't as narrow in selection as the big box stores, either--I bought two big and beautiful Clethra shrubs there, and I doubt a big box would bother to carry those in any size. King's does have lots and lots of roses. I wouldn't give them great marks for helpfulness--I wandered the shrub selection for the better part of an hour and no employee so much as made eye contact, so it's a good thing I knew what I was after.

Michler's on Maxwell St. is the place to go for less common varieties and for help from actual gardeners who have grown many of the plants they sell. Everyplace in town sells cranesbill hardy geranium in purple, Michler's also carries it in white and pink/white, for example. Their plant list is available online, but if I didn't see what I wanted on the list, I'd call anyway, as they may still have it. They had a lot of roses last week.

For great prices on large terra cotta pots and a few glazed ones, too, Carpenter's Dish Barn is the best place I've found--they beat the big boxes on price and have larger sizes.

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