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pouncersgirlApril 6, 2006

Hello everyone! I am new to the gardening experience but loving it so far. I am looking for flowers that have big beautiful blue and yellow blooms and bloom from spring to fall. I also have a hillside that has several natural springs in it and looking for a way to landscape it and not mow it- (We keep getting stuck!) It's rather steep. I really appreciate your help! I am feeling slightly overwhelmed at the internet search! I am from the Reily area, just outside Oxford and Hamilton. Thanks again!


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Hi Tami,

welcome to the Garden Web. I am sure that you will come up with lots of ideas after you float around though some of the garden forums.

A couple that I really like and easy to grow are:
Coreopsis Sunshine
Different types of Malva
Helianthus (Mexican Sunflower) these are more bush
type then a regular sunflower, I love them.

Hope this gives you a start.


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kowalleka(z6 OH)

Tami -
Welcome! You & I are very close neighbors. I am just west of Millville off of Reily-Millville Road!!!

Does the area you are looking to plant stay wet all year? Is it full sun or shade or?


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Thank you so much for your suggestions! I am looking them up asap!

I actually live on Reily Millville - what a small world! The hillside I'm really stuck on stays wet all year. Full Sun. Just a lot of random natural springs. We just don't know what to do with it- we're not sure if there's anything to plant that can withstand the sogginess. We've toyed with the idea of using the springs someway- but no idea how to get started. Thanks for all your help!


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gdionelli(z6 WV)

Welcome, Tami.

The only thing I can think of that might tolerate the conditions and have bright yellow blossoms most of the summer is Coreopsis Zagreb. It's fairly aggressive and will help hold your hillside in place. The individual blossoms are small, but the plant will be covered with them.

Most perennials don't bloom from spring till fall, but rather have one main blooming season, sometimes followed by sporadic rebloom.

Hardy geraniums -- perhaps Johnson's Blue? also come to mind for your circumstance. If you want a blue spring-bloomer that will form a mat, try the blue form of phlox subulata (I think that's the mat-forming variety.)

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blackswamp_girl(6a NEOhio)

Ligularia would take those wet conditions, and I believe that they handle both sun and shade. They also spread, but if you have a large area to cover you might actually like that feature.

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