Bev's Husker Red!

alison(6b/OH)April 28, 2006

I know I post a lot of pictures, but -- it's the whole reason I got this little camera phone! Everyday it seems something beautiful catches my eye and I can't wait to share it!

This is a Husker Red penstemon I got from storygardener at the Hilliard swap spring 2004. I liked it so much I got another one from her the following year. It has pretty spires of white flowers on long dark stems in mid-summer, but I think the foliage is outstanding all by itself. It's evergreen, but does look a little shopworn by the end of winter. This is the 2-year-old plant as it starts to perk up in the spring. Handsome little devil, isn't it?

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storygardener(5/6 central oh)

My Grandplant - What a pretty plant, indeed. (spoken like a true "Grandma"!) I love them. I have about 8 of them potted up for the swap. (they reseed). I too, love the color of the foiliage as much as the flowers.

Thanks for posting this. I often wonder who gets what and then how the plants grow (or not) after the swap.

Nice picture, Alison. To think that neat photo comes from a camera cell phone. I'll have to get one of those phones next time!

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Wonderful! This is one of my favorite plants although the seeds smell like feet in the fall.

I have sown a bunch this winter for fall gifts and have a bunch of mature divisions for swap this spring. Three cheers for Penstemon and Beverly!

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storygardener(5/6 central oh)

Bakemom...since I leave my Red Husker to self sow, I've never smelled the seeds. So sorry to have missed the smell of feet!! Funny!

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