To order from Spring Hill or to wait?

michigoose(Z5OH)April 1, 2005

HELP! Ok guys...I need your advice. There are a number of things I want to get from Spring Hill (at least from their catalog), but I'm moving to Troy probably June 15 (the house is there....we own it...but I have to wait until my daughter finishes school.). I'll be out probably once before we hit lock, stock and perennial.

Here's my quandry: Since Troy is so close to Tipp City, should I wait and just pick up plants there? The problem I see with that is that they might not have some of the plants anymore. They said that I could order and they would hold the plants and ship on a specific date for me....Should I do that and pay shipping, but get what I want, even tho they might be smaller than I can get in person?

Is my coming so late in the season (and it appears that it will be after the point at which they had the $0.99 sale last year --you guys were talking about it on June 12) mean that they won't have the stuff? Should I just forget it? I've wanted the poker primrose and the Iris tectorum for years....whaddaya think? Thanks in advance.

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lynnem(5 Ohio)

From all the negative stuff I've heard about springhill mailorder, and the lousy plants I myself received, I'd wait to visit the center personally, then you can pick out your own plants.

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The Springhill mail-order greenhouse facility took a major hit from the snowstorm just before Christmas and I was told they lost a lot of their plant material - the place collaped.

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mike_g_(Zone 5b OH)

I would not buy anything from them again. I looked up the Tectorum. $8+ for a three inch pot. That is going to be a very small seedling. I have the blue one.

Mike G

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