louisville plant swap, june 5th, 10 am

marciagayeApril 9, 2010

O.K. Here it is. For those of you who have come in the past, you probably remember how to get to my house. If you have forgotten, e-mail me and I will send directions. Everyone is invited.....if you don't have something to bring, come anyway. We will send you home with plants! All I ask is that when you back out of the driveway be careful. Someone last year ran over the ferns and the downspout...:( Update...Dwight had major surgery in September and basically has been off of work since then. Hopefully he will be back to work next month. But he is ready to sit and talk with everyone...he does enjoy that. He had spinal/neck surgery and is still in a hard neck brace. They had to go back in last month and remove a plate that was pushing against his throat. He could not eat well and lost 30 lbs....as if he had it to lose in the first place. But now he is eating and putting weight back on. Sue....you will have to share the brownies with him this year....LOL !!!! Let here from who is coming.

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I won't be able to make it, darn it. I'll be in Glasgow for the Highland Games. BUT, if anyone has anything left over and do not want it, I will take it. Except for anything that is invasive. That is if Marcia doesn't mind holding on to them for a couple of days until I get back in town. Or I will gladly pick up from anyone if they are in town. E-mail me at: scottiegirl74@yahoo.com. I am sure going to miss you-guys this year. :(

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I will gladly hold things for you that are left. Sorry you won't be here.... :(

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YAY! Plant Swap! Count me in! Since I saw you guys last (I was in a very pregnant state, as I recall), I got divorced, stayed a year in a rental apt, and now last fall I bought a house and NEED PLANTS! I was only able to take a very few of my "babies" from my old place (Sue--I did get custody of one of the lilacs you gave me--it's BLOOMING!), so I really have nothing to bring, but I know that you guys will set me up with lots of goodies.

See you there! Marcia, I will need directions again b/c I'm really bad about navigating L'ville. I'll e-mail you.

So Excited!


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Thanks, Marcia. You're a sweetheart. I have a friend who is going to help me with my yard this year. She is going to help me to enrich my soil and stuff. I'm so excited.

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YEAH...... Jen is coming. Yes, you were very much pregnant and I remember you wearing a shirt stating "Kicking" 24/7. You know we will send you home with tons of new babies. Where did you buy a house? I think I remember you living outside of Louisville. I know my memory is really bad. I will give you directions, but you need to give me some starting point.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Whoo-Hoo!...Jen will be there. So glad it worked out for you to once again be a homeowner...bet that apt living was for the birds. Glad to hear you got custody of a bloomin lilac. I think I know what the other lilac was and can provide rooted suckers of it for you.

Please fill out your member page blurb some...Unlimited room for planting? Limited room? Existing beds? Areas to make new beds? Sun? Shade?
Then go and fill out your wish list on your Member Trade page with your wishes/likes.

You too please do the same and I will plan to pot up some extras for you. I'm pretty sure we met...are you Marla? Do you have red hair? Did you maybe arrive late one year? hmmm...I can only place folks if I know their 'real' name, then connected to their GW name. Sorry you won't be able to make it, and I won't forget to leave you some goodies.

Marcia...tell Dwight I will be ready to have him talk my ear off, and that I'll gladly share the brownies.

I wonder if Kilngod can make it along with her hunk who loves to cook...will drop her an email now, pointing her to this thread.

Later I will email a bunch of folks from prev years and drum up interest. I can't believe it will be May already on Sat.

off to weed and spray


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jennyfoo(6 KY)

I'll be there too and bringing some friends! I'll try to get my page

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I was there a couple years ago. I'll be back with a friend for this one!

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

My hunk (Alan) and I will be there with bells on! :)

I've started updating my have list -- I didn't do any wintersowing at all this year, so it's divisions mostly, a few things that just weren't big enough last year to bring, and a few things sown last summer.

I'll dig things requested/wanted so let me know what you'd like or put it on your want list (and then I'll bring a few random things too).
Sue, I have a curry tree for you, and a li'l yellow Bejing Primrose lilac if you'd like it.

MarciaGaye & Sue, If I gave you a black or purple columbine last year instead of a green apples....let me know. It seems I got my labels switched on them at some point. They are blooming now, and I've got one green apple to replace a possible mistake (maybe two). It may have been in place of the lemon ice one instead.... not sure if I can carve from that one or not yet but will check.

Can't wait!!!!


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Glad we are getting more interest drummed up....

Everyone who needs directions e-mail me and let me know where you are coming from.. That way I can give more specific directions.

Tina... I don't think I got one last year. But if you one other than pink or purple....I will gladly take it.

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

Hi Marica, It may have been platy (new gal) instead of you...I can't be sure. The only record I have is what I was trying to dig/have for people, not what I actually gave. Hmmmm.

Shoot, I may have only been successful in digging off a Lemon Ice last year, which I think was true to the tag.....

Well, if anyone has a blooming columbine that is not the light color it was supposed to be, do say. (and if we don't know until next year, I can address it then....) and my apologies :( I'll hold off assigning this current one for now, in case.

Hope everyone survived, along with their gardens, the downpours this weekend.


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Sue, I wrote on my exchange list. Also, how do you get it to show (My Page) and not the e-mail? I also just changed my e-mail in my profile. scottiegirl74@yahoo.com

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Kilngod.....alias Tina...I have dug some japanese toad lilies for you and some lily of the valley. If you have any extra wood poppies I will give them a try.

Sue....have you heard from anyone else?

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Oh...I also will have slate stepping stones up for grabs. Dwight had the ones in the garden replaced with larger rock slabs.

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

Hi Marcia, Those sound great! I'll find some of the wood poppies that are first year, since they are blooming now -- biennials -- and will bring some seed as well (they're easy-peasy sowers).

Yum, stepping stones. They were quite nice!

I found a really cool native in my neighbor's yard.....gotta getta photta and get it id'd. (It has little bitty nub fruit/pods in the crook of it's leaf stem; the whole thing is built a little like solomon's seal in it's stem/structure, but more upright, and smaller, narrower leaves.....has a bulb.) And a little bitty white violet (tallish, small flower, takes sun). Have some to share once i know what these are!

I am so looking forward to this. :) giggle giggle.

Git yur lists updated folks, I'm on the "diggin' move". (like Red Monarda, Verbascum, Valarian, creeping mother of thyme & big Rough Comfrey....gotta chuck a bunch, who wants it?)


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Tina,I would love to have some of the Creepin mother of thyme, the valarina, and the Red Monarda, if there is some left over. I will be picking up stuff from Marcia after that Saturday.
Marcia, I can come over on Sunday the 6th, if that is okay with you.

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

You got it, Dreamspirit, there is plenty. I'll leave some with Marcia for you.


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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

Put a bunch more things on my my have list, including big nursery pots up for grabs (to go along with Marcia's stepping stones). Take a look and let me know requests...

Am making a to-dig list based on folks' posted Want lists already...and will some things dug (in between the weeding) today.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Sorry I haven't been around much, but am still excited and coming for sure.

Kilngod, I saw some wishes from your have list, but will have to get back atcha later...and I have some of your wants too, even though they may not be listed as me having them....which is why I encourage folks to post a WANT list, at least.

I'd love any stepping stones that are available.

flowerchildky (Linda by the airport) is coming...thought she would have posted
Kate151 won't be making it, and I think that is all that I heard back from that I mass emailed.

We have the makins for a nice swap though.

Marcia and her sweetie Dwight
jennyfoo and company...the more the merrier
Kilngod and (hunk) Alan
flowerchildky-(Linda by the Airport)
chemocurl-Sue...ring leader

I'm not sure about alanrocks. He posted to the first swap thread and was interested but didn't reply to my email, that I can remember.

As the time nears there may be others interested too.

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

Added a few more things to my haves...again...and got a couple things potted up already. (Some volunteer things I just have to dig while I'm weeding or they get in my way!)

Sue -- just let me know when you can get to it, no worries. I look forward to diggin' for ya'. :)

Yes, get want lists posted, and I liked that bit Sue said earlier, even if it's things like "I've got shade and need color there" or "herbs herbs and more herbs"..... If I've got guideposts, I'm happy to guess a bit.


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I would love to come, but June 5th is when we leave on a family vacation with our children and grandchildren (Myrtle Beach this year).

Sue was telling me about this swap. I live in Bourbon Co., just north of Lex. Which is about a 2-2 1/2 hour drive. My son lives in Jeffersonville, IN and is a Chef in Louisville so I am there fairly often anyway. I don't usually drive it because I hate the "spaghetti junction". But please send me info next year, and hubby and I will make plans to be there. It sounds like it will be right down my alley.

Looking forward to next year. If anyone lives near enough to me that I can send some daylilies with, email me and I will post a have/want list. In any case, have a wonderful plant swap this year.


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interested, where about in louisville are you?? I have a brother down in crestwood, if he knows where you are I may try to get him to bring me. I'm for the northern kentucky area.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi barnbatt,

Hope you can make it.

Marcia is getting the follow-up replies emailed to her, but you might want to drop her an email and her her know for sure if you are coming from Crestwood, or maybe from northern KY. She is easy to get to, not far off of the interstate.

I got your email but chose to reply here.

Debbie/budsnblooms ,

Sorry you can't make it this year, but since you posted here, hopefully I will drop you an email next year once things get rolling for the swap. Marcia, our hostess is out East of Louisville, so you don't have to go near spaghetti junction.


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I sent barnbatt an e-mail. Hope she is able to join us. I gave her my number and addy.
I have about 20 millions little maple tress to pull. I hate those "whirlybirds" !!!!!
I am really looking forward to this and hope we get more responses.

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Hello everyone! yes, I am looking forward to the day too!
Marcia, I know what you mean about the 'helicopters' as we always called them- I have about a "jillion" to pull out too...

I have some volunteer plants to thin and was wondering if anyone would want some..??
Amaranthus "Intense Purple"
garden balsam (touch me nots) mixed colors
celosia (cock's comb) red

I checked everyone's want lists...don't have much

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Jennyfoo....I have a white rose bush that needs to be moved. I will try to get it up today and save it for you. I think it is a climber variety.

I am really looking forward to the swap. I will have the "little red wagon" ready for people to load up and haul plants to and from cars.

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

Linda/Flowerchildky, I would love some of your red celosia and the purple amaranth. Let me know if there's something on my list that you'd like....

Broodyjen, I would love to have some of your pampas grass (could you let me know how tall it seems to get?), and if the coreopsis isn't simply plain yellow, let me know as I'd be interested in that. I'll have red monarda, iris, rudbeckia, columbine, and probably daylily for you.

Dreamspirit, In addition to those requests (mother-of-thyme, red monarda, valerian), I'll likely have some other things in tow for your new beds....

Jennyfoo, I'd love some of your varigated liriope...let me know if there's anything on my list you might want.

Marcia, have you down for wood poppies, and that oddball columbine....which actually ended up blooming to look like the one I have marked Lemon Ice (though they both look a little too white to be fully true, but a nice one) for your lily of the valley and maybe japanese toad lily.

Ok.....what else? Anyone up for some random 4 o'clocks (pink, yellow, broken pink, broken yellow are all mixed together)?

Sue? (I know you've got a bunch brewing.....)


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We are only about 9 days away.....Roll call please....

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

Kilngod's coming for sure! Looking for more things that people want me to dig up :)


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

(chemocurl) Sue is coming for sure. She just spent a LOT of time writing a big ole post addressing a lot of things with a lot of members and when she hit Preview Message, her computer went to a blank page....grrrrr.......now no time to rethink and rewrite it all.

Thanks to those who updated their pages...makes it easier to fill some wants.

Will write more later...I'll have from next Wed until Sat AM to scour lists and get things together...very busy and committed until then. Am going to MI this 3 day weekend to dig daffodils. Whoo-Hoo...details to follow at the swap...lol


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Tina...I have some hostas for you....unknown variety. Also plenty of the Japanese toad lily!

I will also have bulbs available...most are Thalia...maybe a few yellow daffs mixed in.

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

Marcia - Cool, thanks!

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I have heard from another girl, who contacted me early this year. She has a greenhouse in Hardin County and is hoping to come. Her name is Pam, but I do not know her Gardenweb name.

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I also have 2 bags of pea gravel for the taking...

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


Could you maybe find out the girl's member name that I could either look her list over or email her with some offerings?

I'd welcome a bag of peagravel, or both of them if no one speaks up for the second one.

I'm going to start potting things up today. Wish I had gotten to it sooner but life got in the way of gardening and stuff. I'm just now getting my energy back some after the getting so exhausted over the big 3 day weekend trip last weekend. Whew...


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Sue....I did email her but have not gotten a response.

I bought some brownie mix...so you and Dwight can fight over the brownies...lol. I will also have coke, iced tea, water plus coffee available. Dwight will gladly make a cup of espresso for anyone who dares to drink it. We have 2 coffee makers...mine and his!

If nobody else want the other bag of pea gravel, you can have them both!

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

Sue - no interest in the pea gravel, all yours on my part.

I would like to get some of those stepping stones though....

Send me your dig requests, girl. I know you want sompin'....and I wanna give you stuff :) "Bring it!"


Here is a link that might be useful: My trade list

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well, the day is almost here... it's gonna be fun!

Jen/Tina/Sue/everyone- so glad you are coming!

my other post did not get finished- I was in the middle of typing and got called away- I don't think I even pushed the 'post' button--oh, well....

Tina, I will bring some celosia and amaranths for you...

I am bringing some day lily too- I think they are the triple petaled orange "Kwanso 1947"- I saw a tag on this plant at a garden tour -I have the Kwansos mixed with a large yellow lily- so, if you want to take a chance :))

I have a few winter sown babies still in cups- will bring those - I am out of room here-
trying my hand at growing heirloom tomatoes this year- less flowers/more food *smile*

where does the time go? I still have some digging to do this evening- keeping my (one and only) grandbaby today- oh yes, I will have photos!

does anyone else need/want Hosta? I plan to dig a few for Tina, but I can bring more...

how about peony? I have pink ones and a white (noid) except I know one pink is "Sarah Bernhardt"

Tina (or anyone) do you still have large pots? I need 5 gallon or bigger for my 'great tomato experiment'...haha

well, baby is waking up- will check back here every few hours...

looking forward to our visit..
Linda (by the airport)

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Ok, nothing like waiting until the last day to dig stuff, especially when one is retired...anywho, this is what I have lined out to dig and bring. I'll be doing the 'specific' stuff first and then if time and energy allows dig or take cuttings of some other things.

Native Jeffersonia diphylla-aka Twin Leaf -- YES
a start or 2 of Wild Ginger -- (YES if you have time)
a start of Ajuga Burgundy Glow -- YES
a start of Metallic Ajuga -- YES
a start of Bronze Beauty ajuga -- YES
yarrow Terra Cotta -- YES
yarrow-Cerise Queen -- (YES if you have time)
yarrow Papricka -- YES
Lilac-no id, but is not the regular lavender old fashioned one...this one might be a short variety. -- (YES if you have time)
Sedum cuttings-Black Jack -- YES
Sedum cuttings-Xenox -- YES
cuttings of Lady in Red Hydrangea? -- YES (way cool!)

Firepink-Silene Virginica-shade blooming native?-awaiting word on this

2 butterfly bushes
Shade bed stuff-Twin Leaf-Solomon's Seal

shade plants-
bright sun bed
sun/shade bed


Please look my list over and post or email me if you see anything of interest.

Not listed on my trade list are
yarrow-Cerise Queen
yarrow-Terra Cotta
Fire Pinks
maybe more
There are numerous things (sedums and shrubs) that I can easily bring cuttings of.


Here is a link that might be useful: My trade list

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


Would you please email me your phone number, just to be sure I have it right. Believe it or not, I just pulled the directions to your house out of my filing cabinet. It never ceases to amaze me when I am organized once in a while.


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Arwen...you e-mailed me about the swap this morning and I replied, but the message got bounced back. Send me another e-mail with your phone number and I will call you.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I'm loaded and ready to head out and am running late. It looks like it will be between 10:30 and 11 when I arrive...sorry....but I 'will' be there with bells on.


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