palustris81April 14, 2008

Hello all, gardening in Cincinnati, OH, z 6a and settled on trying Fargesia rufa clump bamboo along the wooded area of my backyard. I have read that it is pretty shade tolerant, especially for the high canopy situation I have and light dappled shade. Excited about its promise for not being invasive in an area where I've removed Lonicera mackii and garlic mustard for about 5 years. Anyone have more info about Fargesia; also has anyone found whether it is deer resistant (or as much as anything can be!) ???


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I can't say anything about the deer, but it do well here and it isn't like the other bamboos...I think because this isn't really a bamboo....I had it in CT and it didn't spread or act unruly. Mine here has only been in for a year, but I can't imagine it being anything different than CT....if anything, less likely to spread.

Yes, it does well in dappled shade. Mine was in a pretty shady spot in CT.

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