New Dawn Rose

daisylou(z6 KY)April 3, 2004


I have just purchased a climbing New Dawn Rose and am trying to decide to put it on a fence or an 8 foot trellis. I have read that it gets fairly big 20ft in certain zones and would like to know if anyone in KY has experience with this rose. This is my first climbing rose, so I'm a bit nervous.



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ohiogal(z5-6 OH)

Hi Daisylou. Yes, it grows fast and huge. By the third year the primary canes are an inch to one and a quarter inches thick, very, very thorny, and over your garage and along the eavespout. Put up a big heavy trellis girl. We did on the side of the shed and we were amazed at this rose's growth. I live in Ohio, Zone 6.

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Glad to hear that! I just ordered two from David Austin's site. I plan on putting it up an arbor.


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I live in Columbus and have a 4 year old New Dawn, that grows up the wall alongside my garage and across the top! It's huge, flowers profusely and requires little if no care. I give it some rose food couple times a year and that's about it.

I also have a polish spirit clematis growing beside it and the clematis intermingles with the rose canes...They're so pretty together.

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Any advice on how (and when) to prune this?

I planted one at work, along a ten foot metal arch. Three canes have behaved faily well, wired around the arch. But there are several 4' canes from the base, and each of the canes on the arch are throwing 2' branches.

-- can I cut down the long ones at the base?
-- can I cut back the side branches off the main canes?
-- should I simply think about putting it somewhere more suitable where it can really go to town?

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gardengirl_17(z5 OH)

I have two New Dawn roses that are 3 years old. The are planted on each side of an arbor and by the end of the first year they were to the top of the arbor, and that was with wrapping the canes around the arbor! This is the 3rd year and it's very full across the top of the arbor. I only prune off the dead in the spring (which is very little) and I have cut off a few shoots growing wildly, any time the fancy hits me. A true rose person might have better advice but so far I haven't done any damage. It is one of only 2 roses in my yard that never gets blackspot and I do not baby it. Enjoy!


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aunt_lou(Z5 OH)

I purchased one this spring also. I have planted it near a half dead tree in hopes that it will climb said tree and in a couple of years I will have roses blooming all over this tree! :-]

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Hi I planted a clinbing New Dawn 2 yrs ago and it grew about 2 ft. but didn't make it over the winter. Is it to cold here do you think ? I'm in zone 3
thank you

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zanthan_gardens(z8 Austin, TX)

I have one over a picket fence. After six years the (very thorny!) canes are about 10 feet long. This is one of the more carefree roses I grow. The leaves are a nice glossy green and I don't have trouble with black spot or mildew like I do with some of my other roses. It also seems to tolerate some shade. However, it has one really big flush of flowers in the spring and not much after that.

Here is a link that might be useful: New Dawn photos

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I've been thinking about this rose. Is it fragrant?

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