Jackass and Street Performer

haydayhaydayMarch 29, 2013

Back in high school, there was a quiet, studious young man, never bothered a soul. Prime material for the jackasses.

One day one of the punks in school loaded the kid up with the final straw. (I think he put some ink on the back of his shirt as they sat in the row.)

The nice kid turned around and punched him good. One jerk, one punch.

The punk walked around for a week or two with a nice black eye. I don't think the good guy got into any trouble for his action.

I think 99% of the school LOVED it.

I was reminded of that when I saw this video.

Jackass can't control himself. Fist works like a charm to correct the problem.

I'm certainly not one to get violent or advocate violence, but I sure do like this video.


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Is that the one from down under, where the cowboy punches the douchebag? If so, yes, really nice clean little punch.

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

From what I have seen in too many schools, it is the nice kid who has finally had enough that gets in trouble.The jackass has been allowed to get away with it so long I figure the people in authority are in denial or totally blind.

My son was attacked by one and even though my son was half his size he fought back. Big shock to everyone. I was called to bring a complete change of clothes because the fight was in the middle of a half frozen mud puddle. When I got there I was told about the fight and I smiled like a fool. The kid had been tossing other kids (always the nicer kids)around and getting away with it for a long time. I had witnessed several incidents that year and no one did anything about it. I finally gave my boys permission to fight back. The school authorities couldn't believe I was proud of my kid. The mother of the jackass called me screaming about my kid hitting hers. She wound up paying to have the down ski jacket my son was wearing cleaned and repaired. (It was the reason for the fight. The Jackass didn't like that my kid had such a nice coat so he grabbed him by the collar and threw my kid in the mud.)The jackass didn't bother my boys again but he still tried it with other kids. Some fought back some didn't. I don't think the school authorities ever really caught on. He still got away with murder especially playing soccer.

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Speaking of Jackasses, Romney, the infamous school bully who got smacked down himself in November, claims he is really enjoying the private life of an average Joe now:

"The bubble is a different experience. Being in your own charter aircraft, having the Secret Service accompany you everywhere you go, and, you know, outside your front door at night -- I mean, it's really quite an unusual thing and kind of exciting, certainly initially. But I have to admit, being able to go back to our own life and you know going to the grocery store and shopping on my own is kind of nice. To be by myself without a bunch of people hanging around with me."

- Romney quoted from the Dennis Miller radio show Wednesday, 3/27/2013

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Bullies always pick on the smaller, weaker, nicer kids... because they can. They'd never pick a target their own size or one with equal strength.

I'm not outraged by much, but I find the way authority too often handles bullying... or doesn't handle it... to be an outrage.

I don't know what parents are teaching their kids these days, but I was always taught to stand up for myself, not to let others push me around or bully me. And I was also taught to intervene on behalf of other kids that were being bullied... certainly by notifying authority first, which actually used to do something about the situations... but if that didn't work, to give such bullies a taste of their own medicine.

Bullying isn't a new concept... I think what's new is how people are taught to handle it, or how authority doesn't seem to want to handle it.

And again, as with anything else, as the population grows, so grow the number of bullies and victims within that population... through sheer numbers. And because of our instant access to news and information from all over the globe, we now can see everything going on... as it happens.

Social decay is all around us... and we can point fingers here, or there, or over there... but I think there are many variables contributing to such things, and I don't think it's accurate to name one thing as the culprit.

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I can remember times when parents and/ or authorities went with the idea of "let kids fight it out" thinking that was a reasonable response. How ridiculous. How defeating for the smaller, weaker child who was essentially thrown to the wolves by their own parents having that attitude.
That, and labeling children as tattletales too often before actually listening to what the child was trying to say. Often in large families, the younger children would truly be tortured by the older, bigger children because of that notion of letting kids fight it out and the theory of tattling reigned. The same thing went on with neighborhood children and then schools.
Of course there ARE tattletales - we all know about them: those kids who will be unable to tolerate anyone breaking any " rule" and not paying the consequence for it, or using tattling as a revenge tool for some past slight. The same kid repeatedly telling the authority about some broken rule committed by others. These tattlers think of themselves as the unofficial class ( or family, or neighborhood) police, insuring that all adults are told of the slightest "wrong doing"and then pressuring the parent/ teacher/ person in charge into delivering punishment - and the worse the punishment, the better. All done quietly, the tattler works in secrecy if possible.
Eventually, though everyone, often including the authority figure, turns on that child because everyone recognizes that the justice and consequences are not what the kid is after, the kid is a power hungry, revenge seeking sadist that hits every body's "ick" button - and rightfully so.

However, for the rest of those kids who turn for help by those in authority, and get ignored - for those kids who are told to 'fight it out' - I think those parents abdicated their parental responsibility not only in raising their children but in fact, in protecting them.
Bullies pick on those smaller, weaker, less powerful or fearful because they can. Like Jodi so aptly stated, bullies never, EVER pick on an equal or one bigger more powerful than they are.
How do they get the idea that they can get away with it? Because there are enough times when they have become aware that a parent, teacher, any authority figure did in fact see some segment at least of an incidence and ignored it. Worse yet, heard the authority figure tell the smaller or younger child to quit being a baby. Society would not tolerate such an injustice, yet we adults send our children out into such " Lord of the flies" kind of world every day.
For those adults who try to get other authorities to stop the bullies or to protect the weak, they meet, at best, disinterest.
Imagine, as an adult, a physically larger person hitting, or stealing money through intimidation, or continually making you the object of derision and the whole of society telling you to just fight that physically larger, more powerful person back or to basically quit the complaining and suck it up aka take it (and don't bother anyone while you do).
What are the odds of a smaller, less powerful child EVER winning physical fights with larger ones? And if by some luck they do one time, winning one again? It is very unlikely.

Bullies are protected aka given permission by those who have the power to stop them, and don't. I believe the reason bullies aren't dealt with by parents, teachers, authorities is due to laziness, because stopping a bully isn't a one time/ lesson learned thing. Its a big undertaking.
And because of that, the authority figure cant be bothered with it.

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Speaking of bullies and size, when I was in high school several bullies much smaller and much weaker than me with no fighting skills tried to pick fights with me.

I gave a few bullies more than one beating and/or humiliated them more than once before they stopped.

The same applied to wise a$$es. I beat or humiliated several wise a$$es more than once before they stopped acting like idiots.

When I worked as a bouncer, you wouldn't believe how many short, skinny, weak, overweight, or out of shape males wanted to challenge me, even when they weren't intoxicated.

Seems many have something to prove due to their physical shortcomings.

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Size is not always an indicator of skill or strength, as the Gracie family proved to the world of professional combat sports...

It does help when you have friends to back you up... friends that won't turn tail and run just because the opponent is a known bully.

I don't know what the solution is... in our time, we met the bullying of one with the strength of numbers... or, we told our teachers who actually listened and corrected the issue.

The bus didn't run if everyone wasn't seated and calm. Principals actually punished bullies, parents were called in... something was done to stop the harassment.

I often think that some kids just need attention... and not getting any from those adults that matter most to the kid, they try for any attention, bad or good.

Or... maybe they grow up in a home where violence is the norm. Kids learn from examples.

I dunno... we were taught to stand up for what is right.

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No doubt smaller people have fond memories of being bullied by bigger kids. I don't think bullying is segregated by size.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

I've been told business schools teach future bosses/owners to tell several employees they are supervisors and then wait to see who comes out on top. I was put in charge of a pruning crew one time and couldn't understand why the other two guys didn't seem to think they had to follow my lead - even though I was doing the estimating and driving the truck. Later I found out at least one of them thought they were supposed to be the foreman - I didn't get a chance to talk to the other guy much, as he seemed to think the most important activities of the work day were stopping at quick marts for coffee, going to bars for lunch etc.

And I didn't ask the unpleasant business owner if he had in fact told the other two guys they were in charge. But it wouldn't surprise me at all.

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Well, I would think there's a HUGE difference between a boss and a bully. I wouldn't work for a bully, while having a good boss makes the job a pleasant one.

I would have to say that parenting and/or discipline have changed within the last few decades, and authority are sometimes leery of intervening due to legal issues... like getting sued by folks... and I'm sure there are other variables.

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"I've been told business schools teach future bosses/owners to tell several employees they are supervisors and then wait to see who comes out on top."

If that's true it seems like an amazingly stupid strategy for an employer. It's hard to imagine anything having a worse effect on productivity than the total chaos created by everyone thinking that they are in charge.

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The saying "too many Chiefs, not enough Indians" comes to mind, no racial disrespect intended... like when you pass a road construction crew and there are three or more people standing around watching one guy dig!

In my opinion, the making of a good boss begins with one who has experience in what his or her employees are charged with doing, and doesn't mind one bit working alongside them. In other words, someone who wouldn't ask another to do anything he or she wouldn't do, themselves.

It's highly unusual to find a bully that's smaller or weaker than his or her intended targets... the whole reason a bully picks on the smaller or weaker is because he or she doesn't fear a smack down in return.

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What business school (s) jodik? Please share the names of some that you've heard of.

There is a huge difference between a good manager and a good leader. A good boss (manager) doesn't have to have a clue about the details of the work. A good boss(manager) has to know how to motivate employees to get the job done.

A good leader requires entirely different skillsets.

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I think you're asking the wrong person the wrong question... I didn't mention anything about business schools.

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Speaking of too many bosses and clueless managers, I once worked for a plumbing, heating and heating fuels business with several self-appointed bosses.

What a mess. The younger generation that took over the business and the self appointed bosses knew little about the businesses.

Several different bosses would issue entirely different instructions which made the bosses that issued the first, second or third set of instructions unhappy with the employees and other bosses.

Since they knew little about the business, they couldn't run the business successfully. They had two of the worst service managers and several of the worst techs I've ever seen, however they didn't know how bad they were due to their lack of knowledge of the business.

One of the techs got nervous when they got called into the office as they thought they were going to be fired for missing work, poor performance, drinking on the job, mistakes and/or theft. Instead they offered them a job as a service manager since one of their service managers was leaving for a higher paying job.

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