Dayton area - free seeds for 'Garden Buddies'!

mystlw(6)April 5, 2010

I'm betting I'm not the only gardener who has despaired while attempting to sort through too many great seeds, trying to decide what to plant in my limited space this season. So I've decided to outsource some of them.

Here's how it would work: if you want a particular type of seed, I'll give it to you, plus extras. You grow a couple of extra plants, let me have some fruit (or, if you live further away, properly saved seeds), and we both win!

I'm finally updating my Have list, it's currently a fairly accurate representation of what I have, though I'm still waiting for a lot of seeds I've ordered to arrive and will list those when they get here.

If you would rather have plants, I've started way too many tomatoes and have a lot more to get going--still 7 weeks till last frost!--so I'm good with that, too.

If you're interested, please message me, and enable a way for me to get back to you.

Happy gardening!! : )

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Lol I am an hour away from Dayton (but it's the nearest "big city" and I go there pretty often. I have too many tomatoes too but save seeds and would love to swap with you (tomato or other). Do you go to CHOPTAG?


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Hi, Kate! It's odd to see "Dayton" and "big city" in the same sentence. I saw the CHOPTAG thread, and am very interested in going, but because I no longer drive I need to try to sweet talk someone into taking me there. Cross your fingers, because sweet talk really isn't my strongest quality.
You don't really need to "swap" with me; I'll give you what you'd like, and just give me some fruit/seed later on. I've updated my list to include these seeds that have arrived:

Angora Super Sweet
Big White Pink Stripes
Emerald Apple
German Tree
Green Skin Long Keeper
Lady Lucy
Lumpy Red
Pink Bertoua
Red Fig
Rei Dos Temporoes
Sophie's Choice
Southern Night

Let me know what you're interested in, and maybe message your address to me via my member page. : )

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