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raee_gwMay 10, 2010

Well, it's that time of year!

As you may know, Spring Hill Nursery closed its retail store last year after some 100+ years. I did not know if they would still hold their annual clearance sales there, I decided to detour to Tipp City on my way home today to see what was going on.

They are having a sale, but not in the same format as past years. Instead of everything $2, and bagged and bareroots, they apparently have been selling for several weeks already and have a large variety of potted items (flowers, vines, grasses, shrubs and trees) with pricing based on the size of the pot--starting at $.99. Most items were in the $1.49 pot. These were mostly the usual catalog staples but there were surprises.

They also had large potted shrubs, roses, iris as usually sold in the garden center--those were half-off the prepriced amount.

I didn't see any of the bare-root bagged items I thought would be there (like hostas, lilies, poppies, geraniums); don't know if they haven't been brought in yet or have already been sold.

I hope to have another opportunity to stop by--one employee said the sale would be going on into June.

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Drove by there a couple of times in the past weeks but I don't care for the quality of their stock because I've had poor success through the years with them.

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I've actually had better luck with the clearance sale plants than with items received in the mail from some nurseries--perhaps because I can pick the plant.

It really is hit or miss, though; if you want a particular plant, you may be disappointed. They don't have everything that is in their catalogs, but they seem to have things & varieties not in their catalogs also.

Overall I'd say that I've had about an 85% success rate, losses mostly because the bareroots I've tended to lose by not potting them promptly, and a few items I didn't realize weren't really hardy here (like the verbena I just brought home!). The only thing I've tried twice with no success are the poppies. At $.99 to $1.49 for anywhere from a single perennial to a bag of 6 or 8 perennials, it has been worth the loss rate to me--I still come out ahead. Never gotten a diseased specimen either. Some are potbound--but they seem to do alright.

Last Friday they had gotten in a lot of bareroot stock--lots of different varieties of blackberry in particular,other berries, also apple, plum, pear, persimmon, pecan, walnut, roses, other trees, rhubarb, strawberries. They all looked good & were $4-$10.. And also bulk crates of different lilies and such. I resisted, with great difficulty, the dwarf honeycrisp apple --just don't know where I'd put it. After I got home I realised I could try espalier training it against the fence, but still not sure if the antique apples about 2 blocks away could pollinate it (think I'll ask this in the fruit forum). It will likely be gone next time anyway.

Many of the perennials and shrubs that I saw last visit were gone, but some new ones in.
They had all vegetable seeds for $.50.
I got a lovely variegated leaf dogwood "golden Shadows"; but the Ninebark "coppertina" that I saw last time and decided that I wanted was gone. (I should know well enough to get something when I see it). Also got a clethra, sedum, clematis, several other nice garden flowers.

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