Do deer eat fig or persimmon?

kam76February 13, 2009

We live right up against Capitol Forest and have a bountiful number of deer. I am prepared to protect small trees but was wondering if fig and persimmon showed any resistance to deer pruning? If not, is there any thing that fruits (besides evergreen huckleberry) that is deer resistant?

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sundevil(z7 WA)

Deer won't eat fig leaves and they usually don't eat the fruit but they can be trained to eat the fruit if you set it out in a place they frequently browse.

I grew up where persimmon grew wild and deer ate them. I don't know if deer would eat persimmon if it wasn't naturally available to them.

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bboy(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

You're never going to be comfortable as long as deer can get at your plantings. What they don't eat they may rub. Fence them out.

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Hi...I have lots of deer in a very rural area of Clark County (southwest Washington) and the deer have NEVER touched either my fig or my persimmon (trees or fruit) even thought the aronia near the persimmon is their very favorite food and the fig is next to my tea plants (Camellia sinensis) which is probably their next most preferred food. I agree that deer can be very destructive in other ways but they have never even nibbled on these trees. jwww

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bboy(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

What deer eat where is like fungus diseases in roses. Two different people in different areas can have markedly different experiences. The only thing you can count on is secure fencing. Otherwise you leave it up to the deer, who may leave something alone for years and then suddenly strip it or spoil it with rubbing.

Then there's rabbits...

We grew rhododendrons for years before a mountain beaver started clipping them off less than a foot from the ground and dragging away whole branches.

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tallclover(Zone 8 Maritime Pacific NW)

Bboy is quite right, what deer eat seems as varied as the plants available to them. While I've had them lightly nibble on both my persimmon and fig trees, the real damage came with they chose the trees as rubbing posts. And then they ignore my camelias -- go figure.

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Deer hate lavender. It has such a strong scent that it irritates them. Deer have a keen sense of smell. Imagine amplifying the smell of lavender about 10 times.
I'd plant it around your figs and persimmons for the deer to enjoy.

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This is an old thread, but I just wanted to say that apparently deer love both persimmons and persimmon seedlings. They just ate one of my seedlings. :(

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I also live in rural Clark County WA and the deer walked onto my wood deck to eat a potted persimmon. They also ate my olive and mulberry.

They haven't touched the figs and feijoa, only a taste.

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Well, this weekend a young deer ate a bunch of fig leaves off of two of my trees and a male sparred with my feijoa and tore off more than half of the limbs before I shooed him away.

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bear_with_me(8 Pacific NW)

I am also in Clark County WA, Battleground.

Deer maraud here frequently. They don't seem to bother my figs, but birds eat the figs and rodents - rabbits or voles - eat off the small fig saplings, or chew bark from larger branches. So I put a bird net over the trees and a hardware cloth sleeve around the trunk.

My persimmon trees are young and so far they haven't eaten from them.

I have 2 small sweet cherries, 2 tart cherries, and an Almaden Duke cherry. They nibbled one small branch from a young Montmorency cherry then left it alone. They haven't touched the other cherry trees at all. They also haven't touched ornamental cherry and we have a lot of wild cherries here, so they must not like them.

All of my other fruit trees are susceptible to deer foraging or have other challenges -
Peaches (leaf curl, trying resistant varieties)
Plums (a deer-attractant)
Apricots (tend to die off, deer nibble them too)
Grapes (deer eat the leaves and vines)
Pawpaws (still an unknown, survived a year here)
Apples - deer eat the branches. Neighbors have theirs pruned to tall forms and they are OK
Pears - Euro. Deer haven't bothered my Asian pears yet.

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