What's blooming in your Ohio Valley garden this May?

Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)May 1, 2006


a few daffodils



Claytonia Virginica-Spring Beauty


poppy- native Celandine woods


Stylophorum diphyllum-Celandine or wood poppy

trillium recurvatum

violas-johnny jump-ups-various colors

violets-3 different





spirea-double bridal veil


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blackswamp_girl(6a NEOhio)

ajuga "chocolate chip"
tiarella "crow feather"
hellebores (various)

dwarf bartlett pears
"sundance" dwarf apple

I know that my culinary sage wants to bloom... really, it does! There are these two buds that are just teasing me...

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kydaylilylady(z6 KY)

Right now my Dame's Rocket, Salvia, Blue Star and Chives are going wild. Soon there'll be peonies, iris and Siberian iris. The dogwoods are doing their thing plus creeping phlox and pinks.


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plantsnobin(z6 IN)

Dogwood, polygonatum, azaleas, primrose, phlox stolonifera & divaricata, coral peony, bearded, lactea, tectorum & crested iris, iberis, geraniums-maculatum, Phillpe Vapelle, Johnson's Blue & Alpenglow, ajuga, bleeding heart, columbines, catmint, lychnis, amsonia, dictamnus, anemones, corydalis, jack in the pulpits, trilliums, clematis,wisteria, aubrieta, johnny jump ups, silene, chives,spanish bluebells, and more chickweed and dandelions than I can ever hope to pull.

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kowalleka(z6 OH)

Tons of bearded iris, violas, bleeding hearts, brunnera, ajuga in bloom right now. Peonies and salvia should be blooming in a few days. And like plantsnobin, lots & lots of dandelion and chickweed!

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gdionelli(z6 WV)

Azaleas, primrose, pulmonaria, geraniums -- Bevan's Variety & New Hampshire purple, columbines, phlox divaricata, one variety dianthus, hyacintha hispanica, dwarf bearded iris just finishing, tall bearded just starting, mini rose Cinderella, other roses and minis covered w/buds, dogwoods, trilliums, convallaria, and epimediums just finishing.

Also covered w/buds -- penstemon, shrubby potentilla, rhododendron, salvia, heuchera, other dianthus.

And, of course, I have my share of dandelions and chickweed, as well as ajuga, which to me is a weed.

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Dwarf iris, tradescantia, snow-in-summer, two kinds of primroses, wallflower, lilies-of-the-valley, sweet woodruff -- that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

In the next week-10 days I should have peonies, bearded iris, sage, mock orange, and sweet, sweet william!

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The one plant that never lets me down at Derby time. Daylily Flava....a shorter, yellow that smells like honeysuckle. I love it. It lets me know that the "real" season has started....not just a joke of Mother Nature.

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Iris, mock orange, prim rose ,fox glove, nasturtium,sweet william, siberian iris, peony, flax, clematis,dianthus,geranium sanguineum, pelargonium (store bought) blue eyed grass

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Iris, heuchera, dianthus, iceland poppy, johnny jump ups, my little species daffodil...I 'll have to look up the variety, I can't praise it enough! A lemony scent, more than one flower to a bulb, thin leaves...but the scent....ohhhhhh momma! Heavenly, and it is nice to have a late daff. Some of my late grape hyacinths are hanging on, several of the viburnams, the Dwarf red buckeye is getting ready to pop as is the Alleghany viburnam and I can see that combo is going to be great--thanks to Viburnamman who suggested it. The Choinanthes virginicus is on the cusp of blooming....that will be fun as I haven't had it bloom before, my variagated lilac is on the way out, but Miss Kim and a couple of others are just starting.....ahhhh spring! Too bad my back and hands hurt so much from trying to deal with the sod and clay!!!!!

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The tall beared banana yellow iris started blooming; the mahogany red ones are still in bud. The sweet william is opening ever so slowly, and the peony is showing pink and white thru the big fat buds. Probably waiting for this weekend when I can really enjoy it! Two kinds of geranium are blooming, and the chives are in full bloom.

And the mock orange tree is blooming! No scent, but -- what a flower!

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Did the Iris bulbs I sent you bloom for you? Most of mine did, and they were sooooo cute! They are just now finishing, and are my favorite flower in my garden.

Other than that, I don't have much blooming. The azalea is just finishing. Also have: Virginia Stock, columbine, lily of the valley, and dianthus. Eagerly awaiting more....

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The storm last night shattered most of the peonies that were in bloom (I did get one big bouquet just before it started!) but I remembered to take a picture of the first peony bouquet this spring!

My first othello rose this spring, and one of a hundred Shadow Dancer blomming now:

The Maginot line between the yard and the parking strip, altho' I'm now planting on both sides of the fence! And looking in from the outside, thru anchusa at the red Grootendorst rose bush.

Looking down the alley; right now I have iris and wallflower blooming:

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Can't forget the blue spiderwort! A nice bit of trivia for Central Ohio hockey fans/gardeners: I think this is Tradescantia ohiensis and one of the common name is 'blue jacket'. (Of course, one of the other common names is 'snotweed', but we don't need to mention that to the boys at the Arena!)

And if I show the blue, I have to show the pink....

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blackswamp_girl(6a NEOhio)

Beautiful job with that small strip, Alison! What's the name of the iris you have? I love those bronzy/burgundy ones.

I feel like I'm cheating a bit, posting this at the end of the month and all, but I have a ton more stuff blooming:

Bleeding Heart
Thornless Blackberry
Culinary Sage (both regular "officinalis" and O. "New Ya'ar," which has beautiful blue flowers)
May Night Salvia
Geranium Phaeum "Samobor"
Heuchera (2 kinds)
Bearded Iris
Doublefile Viburnum

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I wish I knew which iris that is; my neighbor gave me some 8-9 years ago. I left them in a bag in the kitchen until I could get around to planting them -- and they finally started blooming in the plastic bag behind the door. I figure anything that determined to grow deserved to get out there.

A year ago or so the same neighbor asked me if she could have some. Apparently, all the ones in her yard had died out, but the ones planted on the alley were still growing strong.

I just call them Julie's Germans. I planted two bright gold iris I got at the swap this spring in among them; should be a nice color combination!

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kydaylilylady(z6 KY)

I have no daylilies blooming yet. In about 2-3 weeks the entire field should burst forth in multicolor. There are scapes everywhere...

Right now there's coreposis, meadow sage, penstemeon, dutch iris, snapdragons Sweet William blooming. False indigo is absolutely stunning right now. Queen of the Prarie and Meadow Rue should be in the next week.


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