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jarih(4 in Finland)August 3, 2012

I asked about Totally Awe Sum. Unfortunately there was only one picture BUT very good opinions about unique, "commercial", for the collectors hostas. Some like some not. Here is another hosta, Foxfire Palm Sunday. It was available last year here in Europe (expensive) but not this year any more. Is it good garden plant? Any pictures? Maybe I am victim of advertisement because I can't see these hostas alive here. The only way is to order - now I have this forum to hear / read experiences. I quess someone have some kind of experience about FPS. Mine is slow in spring, nice colours but maybe too slow in near polar circle.

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bentleygardens(z7b GA)

Here is Foxfire Good Friday


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Two very beautiful plants, with a family resemblance.

Jarih, I do not see hosta in the gardens around here. We are on the southern limits of hosta growing, you are near the northern limits. I see pictures instead of the real growing living plant, and have to go from there.

So I understand what you mean. Your plant is doing very well when you consider you are near the polar circle? wow, that is amazing.

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bernd ny zone5

I have seen pictures of huge vegetables grown in Alaska because every summer they have many weeks without the sun going down. Perhaps hostas should also grow huge in a short but all night summer in very North regions?

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I'm very interested in international participation here!

Whilst not 'quite' 'international', I recently noticed that the U.S.A. state of Alaska encompasses U.S.D.A. Zones 1 through 7. Wow, do we have folk here from there?

On the hostapix list there are a few folk from New Zealand that make that venue very interesting, especially since their 'season' is opposite from ours.


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