Ghastly Red Gall

hundredswife(6)May 17, 2007

Can someone help me? We bought our home 2 ½ years ago on a lovely wooded acre lot. This year one of our smaller trees (the leaves look like it's some kind of Hickory) has this ghastly "red galls" on 95% of the treeÂs leaves. I am not able to post an actual photo of our tree  so I'll try to discribe it: The "galls" look like (human) skin tags - LOTS of them on each leaf - and RED! YUCK!

Please, anyone, can you tell me whatÂs happening  what WILL happen  will our tree survive  and will it spread to other trees, what can we do about it or IF we should do anything? Thanks for ANY help.

P.S. I found a photo that looks just like my problem on a college website - but I am not suppose to post that address???

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I wonder if your leaf problem looks like any shown on this site: I haven't found anything about how to treat it. Maybe you should take a sample to your local county extension agent.

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Yes! So I am not going crazy? Thank you! I think I will take a sample to someone local for advice. Although, thanks to you, I think I found a name for the problem "Eriophyes tiliae: Mite"

Here's another photo that looks like it:

Thank you for you help, Wishful!

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You are welcome. Good luck!

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