Where to buy a rain barrel in Columbus Ohio?

crazy_garden_ladyMay 27, 2006


I am new to this forum.

I want to buy a rain barrel to collect rain water from our downspouts - it is better for our orchids and will help save on our water bill.

Where can I buy a rain barrel in the Columbus Ohio area?


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blackswamp_girl(6a NEOhio)

Brenda, I would think that most of your larger nurseries would carry something that would work. You can also make your own out of a food-grade plastic barrel and some plastic fittings, or you can order one online. I'm not sure if you can find a better price somewhere, but Gardeners Supply has rain barrels--just google them to find their website.

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Hey there,
I realize I'm writing this a year and three months late, but I wanted to let folks in Columbus who are still looking for rain barrels know that the Rain Brothers (of which I am one) manufacture and sell rain barrels right here in Columbus. Our website is www.rainbrothers.com, and we also sell our products at the Urban Gardener (on High Street at 2nd Ave.).

Here is a link that might be useful: Rain Brothers -- Columbus' Own Rain Barrel Makers

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It's now june 2008, and rain barrels are becoming ever popular. Check out my site 'gotrain.synthasite.com' for info and contact info for custom made rain barrels and overflow barrels. We're in Columbus, too!


Here is a link that might be useful: Got Rain?

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michele1958(KY 6)

Many county extension offices are offering rainbarrels at a discounted price. I would check them first.

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any one knows where can I buy rain barrels in northen NJ?


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I have a couple rain barrels. One I bought from Andersons.
This one I paid about $150.00 for it. (((YIKES))) I'm a very frugal person and had a hard time spending this much money. It looks like a big teracotta pot. The spot I needed it for is visable from the road. So, I wanted something that looked nice.

The other one my husband made. Craigslist sometimes has 55 gallon plastic barrels for $5.00.
I got a spigot from the plumbing dep. at Lowes.
DH drilled a hole large enough to fit the spigot through. He wrapped the threads with plumber tape. I think he also used plumber glue.
I couldn't find a nut to fit the spigot on the inside of the barrel in the hardware dep.
The nut I found to fit it is in the electrical dep.
So for about $8.00 DH made one. Just not as pretty as the expensive one.

Hope this helps,

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We manufacture rain collectors at various levels of completion from a washed food closed head drum to a fully assembled, clay textured rain collect coated in earth tones that match the colors of the most common house colors.

Our products are completely green since we use emptied 55 gallon food drums from manufacturers who empty them that we subsequently pick up, process, and slightly modify to make our products. We use no new resources or energy.
If you go to our site, cmcreuseproducts.com hit the button marked consumer products.

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Clintonville Commmunity Market has them the Cheapest in town!

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I have a 300 gal rain barrel with 2 downspouts coming off my garage. I have 4 left. If you are intrested let me know. $90.00 and you can have one. They work great. My rain berrel will fill up with an inch of rain. I have a two car garage. Let me know and I can get you a photo. I am in Delaware Ohio.

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IÂve recently bought a rain barrel from EarthMinded and I am very happy with it. It holds about 60 gallons. It comes with what they call a "Flexifit Diverter", which diverts water from the downspout to the rain barrel and whatÂs great is that it allows excess water to pass through the downspout. You can lock the opening lid if you want to, which is also great cause it keeps out mosquitoes etc.

It also comes with a spigot which allows you to fill a watering can etc. and there is also a drain that you can attach your garden hose to. ItÂs also an easy way to empty the barrel in winter. They also provide a winter hole cover so I donÂt have to worry about the hole looking ugly in winter.

ItÂs possibly the best quality rain barrel IÂve seen and tried. At first it looked like it might be hard to install but it was very easy and for people like me, there is a video on their website ( http://earthminded.com/ ) that shows you how to install it, which in my case was very helpful. One of their products is 100% recycled while others are 30% recycled, which as an environmentally conscious person, is very important to me and puts my mind at ease.

You can buy them from their website, but they also list authorized resellers that sell them. ItÂs a little pricey but the resellers provide $40-$50 discounts, so I would check them out. I would highly recommend these and in fact IÂm thinking of getting another one myself.

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