Louisville Area Plant Swap

marciagayeMay 19, 2012

Well time has snuck up on me and I realized that it was getting time to have this swap. Who is interested and which date...June 9th or 16th? That gives us a few weeks to get ready. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.....BTW Anthony , Molly and Griffin are living with us now, so you will be able to meet the little guy...well he is not so little...he is huge ! and only 10 months old.

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Hi Marcia,
I can't wait to see little Griffin!
they do grow sooooo fast, don't they?

either day is fine with me- I hope we will have a big crowd!

I am still downsizing, so I should have peony, iris and day lilys to share-

I don't "need" anything, but I am sure I will find something I just "have" to take home :))

I will be watching here to see the responses
Linda (by the airport)

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi Marcia and Linda!

Been thinking about the swap, but just hadn't posted anything to try and get the word out. Thanks!

I too am downsizing and can't think of a thing I 'might' be tempted to carry home. Last Sun I finally got a Tri Color Beech tree that I had been lusting after for years. Whoo-hoo!

I'd love to come though to share some plant goodies and of course for our 'social time' together, seed sharing/swapping,....and brownies and 'food'....and of course to see little Griffin and the kids.

I prefer June 16 as I have a commitment on the 9th, but if the 9th works out best for everyone, I will cancel out the other commitment (going to dig daffodils for the IN Daff Soc) and can go and dig another time.

I will hope to have various irises, both named and NO ID....and NO ID Daylilies....NO ID peonies, various sedums, probably cuttings unless I can get them rooted. NO ID lilacs, rooted rose suckers, Rudbeckia pictured below, yada, yada, yada...probably more.

Looking forward to it.

I just posted to a thread by plantsforever Lou. KY, so hopefully she will reply and can make it. Is that Marla?


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nance(6 KY)

Hi Marcia,
What a pleasant surprise opening my mail and seeing your email!!
I have a friend who would like to come.I also seen Sue Swiff at Farnsley plant sale and she also wants to come.I think I may have another "recruit".
The only problem I have is after having surgery on my foot, the later date might work out best. I can tell you more after going to doctor next week.
Just keep me up dated please.
Nancy from Valley Station

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I would love to come and bring my mom & sister along. Would bring an assortment of perennials & sedums. The 9th would b best for us:)

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nance(6 KY)

Hi Everyone,
Thank goodness my foot is getting better so I better get my trade list in order or Sue will be after me.lol Ck with doctor this coming week about coming.
Nancy from Valley Station

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

The 16th works best for us, but we understand if the 9th is best for most. We're actually getting ready to move out of state -- and will be having a multi-family yard sale on the 9th.

We will miss you all, and hope to see you before leaving!!

We're actually having a garden give-away this weekend (and will get that posted tomorrow). So any special requests will have to be sent me before this coming Friday at noon, or else someone may dig it all up the next morning when I'm not looking!

Tina & Hunk :)

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OK...it sounds like the 16th is best for most...... so my house the 16th at 10:00.

Tina....where are you all moving to? I would love some of the sea oats again....mine did not make it. any ferns or shade items????

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Hello, I would love to come! Ive got some seeds that I can get rid of but not much else. This is my first year gardening, so im still aquiring everything. Also if anybody would know where I can get some composting wormies, id be very thankful! Ill be bringing my mom & my son whos a yr old, im glad to know hell have a playmate! If someone could email me directions id appreciate it! C.chowning@ymail.com & thanks jeanne for sending me this link!

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nance(6 KY)

Hi Everyone,
Wonderful!! We got rain
I will be at your plant swap with two friends[maybe three>
The 16th sounds great.
I have started my swap list. More will be added. I also will have comfrey for any request."great for comfrey tea........ for tranplants.. ck and see is I have anything you want
Nancy from Valley Station

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)


We're moving to PA -- back to the homeland area. New Gettysburg College job (old-new job, worked there before but now will be a full time prof with them).

Yes, have plenty of shade items. I can dig you a really good chunk of mature northern sea oats too. will likely have a few things available that are not normal trade items:

special color heuchera, some named
candy lilies multicolor (white, yellow, purple, etc, mix)
named hostas (but many lost tags, got them the first year at this swap....)

I will add more to this list tonight....


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Tina... I am really sorry that you all have decided to leave KY, but I understand going back home. Looking forward to seeing your list. I am going to put the shade plants under the tree out front.

We will have to take a group picture...... We always say we will, but then get to talking so much, we forget.

I do have a Shepherds Hook looking for a new home....any takers?

I sent an e-mail to Just keep digging, so I can give her directions.

Has anyone heard from Jen yet?

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Okay, here I am!

I'm not sure I'll be able to make it, but just let me know which date ya'll choose and I'll try to come. It's been a bit of a crazy summer.

I will dig some stuff and bring, and if anyone wants it, cool. Probably will be daisies, black eyed susans, yarrow, iris, and daylilies. All unnamed. Maybe I can find a newbie to pawn them off on, since most of them came from Sue, Linda, Tina, or Marcia.

I can also bring some strawberry plants. If anyone wants some, please let me know, as I'd rather not dig them without a committed home for them.


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I would really like to browse at your plant swap. I had to sell my beloved home in order to move into a patio home. My beloved plants left behind, and uncared for by the new owners. I would like to purchase anything new if I could just to perk up the old patio home. May I join your group? If so what is the date and address?

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Sisterwoman...please join us...we give the plants away. The date is June 16th, Saturday at 10:00 am.....we normally are around till mid afternoon. But if you want first shot at the plants come early. The address is 404 Bruner Hill Drive, zip code 40243. Bruner is is in a section of Douglass Hills and is off of Watterson Trail in Middletown.
My email address is Marciagaye @yahoo.com.... you can email me and tell me where you will be coming from and I can give you better direction.
Please do join us....we end up with many plants that need homes.

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so glad to see so many planning to come to the swap!
I am hoping to bring a garden friend too

Sisterwoman- welcome - does your patio have full sun or mostly shade? I have hen and chicks and dragons blood sedum- they love the sun-will be glad to share with you-
I have a golden tiara hosta in a pot already you can have for a shady spot-just let me know

if you know what you would like to try, post a list for us-

Linda (by the airport)

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

ooohhh Sue, I think that Rudbeckia might be from me :) Looks similar at least.

So, I haven't gotten anything else posted, but I will be digging various things to bring...and figure that tomorrow, there will likely be lots left here after my garden event anyway.

Now, gotta get back out there to salvage the few things I'm taking with me. Already sent 28 iris home with my mother when she visited. What a dear. she lives about an hour away from our new house.

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I will have daylilies up for grabs...doing some thinning out. I am going to try to attach the pictures...let's see if this works.

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any one want an old window? I picked it up at the side of the road-thought I would paint on it, or hang on the garden fence, but it is still just sitting there- it has 2 vertical panes and of course some peeling- I can bring it if anyone is interested

Marcia, these day lilys are beautiful! but, I am determined to downsize, so I guess I won't try them

I will bring brownies again, and some plates and napkins
looking forward to our being together


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kate151(KY 6)

I will be coming. I don't know what all I'm bringing yet but probably some Michael Paul iris (from Sue, it's time to divide them!), a butterfly bush, columbine, and daylilies. I'm excited to see everyone!

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Only 5 days.......YEA !!!!!

So far I have
Tina and Alan
C. Chowning
Jen ???

Plus some people said would bring friends.....
Even if you don' have plants to share...come anyway...we will load you up with plants !!!!!!
If anyone need directions please let me know. Phone number is 245-1015

See everyone Saturday.

And yes Sue I will make brownies.

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OH...and Sisterwoman...PLEASE COME !!!!!

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nance(6 KY)

Hi Gardeners,
Also add Sara Graham to the list as well as my daughter"Karen Weaver> from Columbus,Ohio.
I have
heuchera..purple palace
salvia...blue sage
calendula..small seedlings
crazy daisy...small seedlings
chrysanthemum...red seedlings
weigela...sm..started from cutting..rooted
crocosma... not sure what kind

If any one sees something they like please put it on this site ...easier to keeping straight.I will dig on request.
Sue, if you have pussy toes...sure would love some. Tried to start from seed..no luck.
See you with my doughnuts...lol
Nancy from Valley Station

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Great...the list is getting bigger. I got name tags today for everyone.......that way the newbies can keep the regulars straight.

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I might be able to come. Have to see how late my appointment runs... would likely be bringing my mom along..

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Christine....bring anyone you want to...it is open to all. Do you need directions?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Well procrastinator me has just started to dig some 'stuff' for tomorrow, but there's a lot of evening left, if the bugs don't run me in. (have bug spray if needed)

So for I have dug (what should be) Historic Daffodil Mrs. R. O. Backhouse This is said to be the first 'pink' daffodil. It opens with sort of a peachy colored cup, which turns more pink as the bloom matures.
Also dug species N. poeticus var. recurvus
Next to be dug is another historic, Geranium It blooms late and is fragrant.
Also, Orangery, a Classic with a split cup.

Nance, I'll bring you some pussytoes...anyone else?

Not sure what all else I'll dig and hope there will be someone there that wants it...or else Marcia can set the leftovers curbside with a free sign on 'em.

Sue...getting all excited about seeing everyone.

I'm bringing a 'frozen' desert (I hope anyway) so Marcia, can you make some room in the freezer for it? The hot temps will melt it if left out very long. It will be a 9" X 13" pan.

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I will have room Sue....looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow....
BTW...the house is a wreck....but the bathroom will be clean...lol

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

the house is a wreck
Just blame it on little Griffin.

but the bathroom will be clean
hey, that's all that matters.

Well, I forgot to dig Nance's Pussytoes, but made a note for the AM.

I got some more daffs dug.
A historic, Orange Phoenix which is fragrant.
Cassata another split cup.
High Society

Also got 2 different mini irises dug.

Still haven't started the desert...hmmm...might have to set the alarm for 5 and hope for the best.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Running late.

Am loaded and ready to walk out the door.

Will be there between 10:30 and 11.

Have directions and phone # in Jeep.

See ya!


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had a great time at the swap-thanks again Marcia and Dwight for hosting! Your day lillys are beautiful

Jen Sisterwoman and Christine- we missed you, hope you can make it next year

loved meeting Griffin and Oliver-such cuties!

here is the recipe for the cheese ball

1- 8oz pkg cream cheese regular-softened
1- 8oz pkg cream cheese-1/3 less fat-softened
4 green onions chopped (tops and all)
1-teaspoon Accent seasoning
1-2.25 oz jar Hormel dried beef -chopped

mix together and roll in chopped pecans

going to enjoy breakfast with my son (such a good daddy!)
happy fathers day all you Dads!


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nance(6 KY)

Hi Gardeners,
It's always the best time to come to Marcia's for plant swap.
I hope who ever took pictures of us, has it posted here. I bet I have my camera next time I come.
Sue, you are always running late.lol but we love ya!
All I want is those pussy toes. okay? Host plant to one my butterflies.
Thank you Marcia for the day lilies. Your day lilies are really pretty.
Linda,already ready to make your cheese ball to a pot luck at Farnsley. So good!
Should have taken picture of Griffin and Oliver so we could check them for next year. Pair of cuties.
Hope to get my boot off tomorrow. Wearing a boot is no fun even if I got a chance to check out all those riding carts at Kroger's and ect.
Have a great summer!
Nancy from Valley Station

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I am glad the rain did not scare everyone off. I am going to post the few pictures I took on a new thread. So glad we got some new people to come this year...Chevelle...Oliver is a cutie. Maybe next year the 2 boys can play together. It was sad thinking that this was Tina and Alan's last swap, but I am sure they will start one in their new home. I am going to be sending her some plants once they get settled. Linda...thanks for the cheese ball instructions...I will be making it !
Did you realize that this was the 6th swap we have had? I was looking and our first one was in 2006 !!! I was surprised.

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nance(6 KY)

Hi Everyone..

Just a note to say I have red columbine..(seedlings right now) if any one want them next year. I will mark your name on any request. I have plenty.
Nothing like being prepared. Right Sue.lol
Nancy from Valley Station

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6th year- lots of plants flying around in those years!
I know I brought my Mom twice, so I am not too surprised
that this was #6- we sure do have fun!

I will miss Alan and Tina too-

looking forward to having new friends join us
happy summer to all

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