Tomato & Carrot questions

tsuki_chanFebruary 25, 2011

Hi all,

When do the garden centers here usually start getting in warm season veggies like tomatoes, and what varieties do they usually have?

I'm making my mail order list and wondered if some of my choices would be commercially available in time for planting. I'm specifically wondering about Sungold and some of the varieties put out by OSU like Legend.

Also, I'm going to try and grow carrots, which is a totally new venture for me. Can anyone suggest a variety that's really sweet and mild for fresh eating? I don't actually *like* carrots that much (unless they've been cooked to a fare-thee-well) but I'd *like* to like them, if you know what I mean. I just have no idea which type to consider.

Thanks mucho!

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Look for tomatoes at local garden centers once things start warming up. Often they will be available in late April or early May but still too early to plant out safely :-) I'd wait until towards the end of May for the best selection and a reasonably safe planting time as well. 'Sungold' is a hugely popular selection and I've found it all over the place, even non-nursery outlets like Central Market. Same with a lot of other, short harvest selections which tend to be better for our area.

For a hot season veggie that is often a struggle to grow well here in the NW, tomatoes seem to be by far the most popular choice for home gardeners and a wide selection of choices is usually on offer anywhere that sells plants. Farmer's markets are a good source as well.

Everyone has their own opinion about what type or cultivar of veggie tastes "best" but I really like the smaller, fingerling type carrots for fresh or raw eating - 'Little Finger' or 'Scarlet Nantes' are a couple of candidates.

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Thanks for the info! I had no idea when to think about planting the tomatoes out, either.

I was looking at "Little Finger" and thinking they looked appropriate. Thanks for the rec!

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