Not a new garden??

almosthookedAugust 25, 2012

Adding on does not mean you are making a new hosta bed.. does it? I told my DH it was to make room for the ever expanding hosta but you just never know. They are having the mature sale a Fundy Beauties and I am "JUST LOOKING" Well maybe a few wouldn't hurt.

I so far have dug out 4 backhoe bucks of sod and now the work had only begun.

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MadPlanter1 zone 5

Nope, adding on doesn't count. My specimen bed is about 10 times larger than it was in spring 2011, but it's still just one bed. This is the logic that has me muttering about how the garden is too big to handle as I add still more square footage. Cute dog!

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i edged out 6 inches every year...

hubby NEVER


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AHAHAHAHAAHAH, you have a black and tan doxie too! My little girl Dixie might enjoy visiting her "cousin" up in Canada.
She is a gardener too. Not a digger though.

How do you use a backhoe and nobody notice? You're GOOD!
My DH will be amazed at how my hosta grew to fill the entire back forty. He think I have only 120 hosta, and it is now closer to 250. If you don't count it never looks like you have a lot. Maybe?

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Anytime you want to come visit you are more then welcome. And Dixie too. We have three weiners( old one is a fat standard )
As far as me running a backhoe Not me.I just load it and he unloads it. Whines a bit but you know" a happy wife is a happy life".

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I visited this 'not a new garden' last evening. Ha! Imagine a 4 foot extension around the entire garden. That's a wonderful amount of new space. That's only part one. Part two is an new (can't think of any other word for it) garden between the house and the Shed. Another great space. Her plants are growing so well. Many of the hostas we both got this year from the same source are doing much better in her garden than mine are. Providing light and room is important but sometimes not that possible for me so I guess we work with what we have. She's done a fabulous job and looking back at spring picture, it's amazing at how far her garden has come this year.

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peggy_hosta(z4 neSD)

Couldn't you spray that area with glyphosate to kill the vegetation rather than to do all that work of digging up the grass? That's what I do when I expand. Spray- wait a week or 2- plant where desired- then mulch. You'll never see the dead grass once covered up!

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

AH, love that: Whines a bit but you know" a happy wife is a happy life". Have been forbidden to expand my hosta beds. How loud can you shout that? Love your doggies too.

Been thinking same as peggy hosta only what I do is, edge the bed extension, plant my hostas in the ground in the grass, cover the rest of the grass with 4 layers of wet newspaper, followed by compost and mulch. By spring the grass has decomposed. If the bed extension is under trees I puncture the bed extension with a pitch fork so that water/rain can get through.

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Finally with DDH's help we finished removing all the sod, tilled, added 3 or 4 inches of compost to them all and till it all in again. Extended one path and added a large stump I dragged home in the back of our truck. Now I need to go rock hunting as I need a bunch of large rocks for the addition Myrle just had to mention. It just didn't have the finished look in that corner.I should have a lot of room now to go on a buying spree or move . some hosta that may be crowded or in too much sun. I hurt so good!I start something and just have to get it done as soon as possible. I think my husband finally gave up on trying to convince me I have enough flowers.Only one more Myrle , for my grasses and then that is really all I can have because of our water situation (on well water).

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Okay so I said I was not adding on but.... the sale had so
many great mature plants I ordered 27 and now need another area . I think I am almost tired of digging sod out and hauling rocks but I have just one more area to show you and then I am ready for my plants to arrive. My husband has given up and now just shakes his head when I say I have enough.

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I this is ( or should be) my last. I had to have this for my grasses but Myrle says I can have some hosta here too

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bernd ny zone5

You are very fortunate to have a ready supply of these nice rocks, would cost here a fortune. Good luck!

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The rocks came from a rock quarry that a friend owns and my husband had to drive truck for him for a day so they are really not free. He wanted to load larger ones for us but our old backhoe wouldn't handle them. The largest one took him approx. 4 hours to roll it into place and only knocked off one fence posts when it rolled a bit sideways

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WOW!! I love it! Wonderful rocks! Be sure to post pictures after your plants are in. Oh, you're sure to have fun with this area.

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Almost, I have SERIOUS rock envy, lady!
You are so fortunate.

If the 27 are going in that last bed, they should have plenty of space.

And by the way, I once had three doxies at one time, our mama, her boy and daughter. It was like having a bucket of worms when they began playing. All different personalities, different favorite foods, and totally adorable.

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Oh dear ! I had more rocks left over so needed a balance to the lawn and other new areas. I may not use this one yet so have sod to either remove or round-up to kill everything and then add compost.DH just shakes his head but he was the one that brought me a whole load so what is a gal to do.
Yes the doxies are all different but if one barks they all do even if they don't know why. ( It could be a bird flying by) LOUD but fun and no they are not related

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I was down day before yesterday visiting "Murray Mountain" - the large bolder in the previous picture. Her agreeable hubby moved that huge thing (midway between his waist and shoulders) twice. That was the absolute LAST extension. Ha! I told you she was over the top and around the bend. Any one of these new places to plant would make any of us drool. I am still stunned by how much has been done in the last year. She probably should have just ordered the Hostageek's Road to Ruin in the first place!

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Ha ha Myrle ... is road to ruins another hosta I need?

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