Blue Spruce trees dying

lindaw-cincy(6)May 23, 2011

Was there some kind of fungus or something that killed off or nearly killed off the blue spruce trees in Ohio. I lost trees that were 20 years old, and some are more than half way browned out, so feel they are on their way out also. This is not only in my yard, but through out the neighborhood

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I have noticed alot of evergreens in the area that have died, it seemed like the extra dry summer last year was too much for them. Haven't heard about a fungus...

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Yes, all the blue spruce trees around the country are dying. It's not the weather, it's not global warming, and it's not fertilizer. It's a fungus that grows under the bark and is killing the trees. It's relatively new (about 10 years old), but plant pathologists aren't aware of it yet. I've been studying it for 10 years now. Incidentally, it also affects other trees and shrubs! For lack of a name, I refer to it as "white canker" since it generates white internal fungal growth that chokes off the trees vascular system. I have a website devoted to information on this disease.

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