Spring Hill Nursery sale in Tipp City

alison(6b/OH)May 29, 2008

I feel like the plant sale bulletin board, but I know a couple of people on the get-togethers thread were interested in this one, so I thought I'd post it here as well.

Spring Hill Nursery in Tipp City, Ohio is having it's big sidewalk sale this weekend (May30-June1) I've never been , but all plants are $2 -- sounds like a great deal!

From the email:

hoose from many

varieties of potted and bareroot perennials, shrubs and trees such as:

Gazanias, Heucheras, Festuca, Ficus, Hardy Banana, Penstemon, Roses,

Creeping phlox, Verbena, Miscanthus grasses, Jacob's ladder,

Re-blooming Iris, Violets, Mini hollyhock's, Blanket flowers, Poker

primose and MUCH MUCH more !

The best part is they're ALL ON SALE for ONLY $2.00 each!

The possibilities are endless, but this sale isn't, visit us in

Tipp City, Ohio this weekend and shop at our June Sidewalk Sale:

* Friday - 9:00am until 7:00pm

* Saturday - 9:00am until 6:00pm

* Sunday - 10:00am until 5:00pm

Visit Us Today:

Spring Hill Nursery Garden Center

110 W. Elm Street : Tipp City : OH : 45371


We're just north of Dayton, Ohio in historic Tipp City.

Take Interstate 75 to Exit 68 and go east on Main Street.

Turn right on Hyatt Street and go south to Fifth Street.

You'll see the test gardens on the left and our store sits

just to the east. We look forward to seeing you!

Questions? Contact the Store at: (937) 667-4079

If you go, post a note and let us know whether it's worth it -- I may put it on my list of sales to hit next year!

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jeanner(SW Ohio - Z6)

This is the second 2.00 sale this year - in previous years it was just one sale and everything was 1.00 but it was also much later in the year.

I went to the first one that was about 3 weeks ago, they didn't have nearly the amount of plants that they have had in previous years when it was 1.00, but they were all very healthy. They had hundreds of the peony trees (white) and they all had healthy growth on them. I also got 5 dry-root crabapple trees, so far only one has top growth but I think it's early yet. I also got snow-berry bushes and they are doing fabulously and "plum-something" bushes (3 to a bundle for the 2.00) that are just starting to leaf out. The bushes are small, not more than just sticks really but a great deal at that price.

I wish I could have gone this weekend too but couldn't make it.

They said they were still planning on having the 1.00 sale later this year but I'm wondering how much will be left!

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I went by today, & this is what they have good numbers of--these things will still be available at $2.00 for a while ( so if you want to, you still can get them):
a small unlabeled white rose (ground-cover?)
an orangy-copper rose
bare-root purple leaf plum, (not purple) smoke bush, forsythia among others
lots of gazania, lavender, several colors of scabiosa, annual and hardy verbena,cascadia petunias (5 for $2),
poker primrose,dwarf gaillardia,jacobs' ladder, shell plant, russian sage, goldenrod, trycertis, cardinal flower
several different hydrangeas, dwarf fig, meyer lemon and dwarf oranges
some grasses & groundcovers, maypops
hardy primrose, centranthus rubor,red penstemon, creeping phlox, blue chip campanula, pink canterbury bells, "mini hollyhock "brilliant"
and several other items I can't recall. They all looked pretty healthy, some quite rootbound though.

Not everything that I was hoping for, but I did get many plants I have considered from the catalogue & thought it was worth the trip (I combined it with a couple other stops out that way). I'll go back if I hear about the $1 sale & hope for some new additions. Kind of sorry that I didn't get the fig, maybe it will still be there.

The lilies, astilbes, delphiniums,glads & other bulbs & things that they had so much of at the last sale a few weeks ago were all gone. I guess by now they would have all cooked outside in their plastic bags anyway. I really got a lot of goodies at that one--I am starting a new bed of just lillies from that sale!

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Has anyone heard about the $1 sale being on, or when?

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kelly_oh(OH z6)

the $1 sale is next weekend, starting the 19th. The location is in the first post above.
I've been wondering what all they would have, also, but just judging by how wonderfully well my own plants are doing, I would say they will still have lots of stuff to choose from. Each year is different as to what will be available. 2 years ago, I got the sweetest smelling mini roses, but last year there weren't any. Though, last year they had crates full of hedge roses that were gorgeous - 5 in a bundle for $1. Go with a list in mind, but be prepared to be flexible.
I also got one of the tree peonies, it is still sitting in a bucket of water, while I decide the best place to plant it, but it did bloom in the bucket. wow! I also got some of the ruby coreopsis, that I've wanted for 3 years but have been too cheap to pay full price for.
raee, are you sure you saw maypops? that breaks my heart!! They are one of my favorite vines, but I have not had good luck with them and I hate paying $15 or more for them to die on me!!!
anyway, I will be heading to the $1 sale, but I am limiting myself to only $20 this year.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Wow...I wish I lived close enough to warrant making the trip...sigh. Sounds like some great deals can be found.

I also got one of the tree peonies, it is still sitting in a bucket of water, while I decide the best place to plant it, but it did bloom in the bucket. wow!
Do you mean to say you got the tree peony for a buck or two, and it has been in the water for a year...and that it didn't rot...but instead bloomed?


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kelly_oh(OH z6)

no, no, :).
usually Spring Hill only has one sale, at least that I know of, the annual $1 sale. This year, apparently, they have had bumper crops of everything, so they have had 3 $2 sales, where there were quite a few things to choose from. I bought my tree peony at the first $2 sale, early in May. I haven't planted it yet. What I have read about them is that they don't like to be moved much, so where you put it needs to be where it stays. So, to keep it alive I have kept it in a bucket of water, where it is still healthy, enough to bloom - little bitty blooms, but still.
I'm sorry you can't make it, too. It is a wonderful event, but I understand about driving expenses. I usually go on Saturday, but I'm figuring out how I can either go before or after work, so I don't have to make another trip in that direction!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

What I have read about them is that they don't like to be moved much, so where you put it needs to be where it stays.
Yeah...tell me about it. I got one last year, and now want to move it, as it barely survived where and how it is planted. The root was soooo long, and then the bud has to be so deep below the surface, that it was really a major project getting it planted.

Wow...at those prices, I'd almost beg someone to pick me up some stuff...and mail it to me...and I'd pay expenses, and send some plants to boot....sigh...


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Sue, I do intend to go, as I will just make it a detour on my way to visit relatives. The savings on plants & shipping makes the longer drive pay off (Or so I tell myself!) ;) If you seriously want me to get things for you, I would be happy to-- you could send me your list & budget, include plenty of first & second choices with how many you want-- since there is no telling what will be there. I do know that items are not just from the Spring Hill website, but also Henry Field's, Gurney's, Audubon Workshop, & any of their other affiliated sites. (I've noticed that they share a lot of the same items, but some things are only offered by one or two sites).


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


Sending you an email.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Well, I guess the $1 started today and Raee has my list and some$$ in hand. I really hope she doesn't end up getting everything on my list.

I'd be really overwhelmed....to the point of being stressed...


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Well I heard from Raee. She went last yesterday for the unadvertised hours of 6-9PM. They had to run her off at 9 she said.

She said, "Just a quick note to say--OH MY GOODNESS! I was amazed at the quantity of plants on clearance! & although very crowded, there was very little elbowing, & people were very polite!
I was like a kid in a candy store.

I did find you several heucheras, your butterfly bushes (the last black knight there, so not the best specimen), 2 tree peonies, an unlabeled lilac that I took the chance it might be josee, also another named lilac that I can't recall the name of right now; 2 poppies (an orange one and Patties Plum).

They had a wide variety of bare root/potted shrubs, trees (like dogwood) & roses, hostas, dwarf citrus, VIBURNUMS--Blue Muffin, Cardinal Candy, & Shasta (YEA!), daylillies, blueberries, echinacea, gaillardia, --so much--strawberries, hardy kiwi."

She keeps taunting me with more and more things. I think she loves to plant shop, even if it is for someone else. I know her shopping excursion has me all aflitter.

So, if anyone is in the area, you might want to check it out.

Sue...headed out for the (generic) ROUUND UP spray

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Curious how you find out about their sale?

I live in SE Indiana so it might be worth the drive.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


After seeing what all Raee shopped for me and got at $1, I might even consider going next year myself.
I live 30 miles north of Louisville, but have friends in Greensburg and am up there often on weekends.

Where are you located? Maybe I could meet you and we could go together and split the cost of gas...think?

I imagine emailing any of the 3 posters above about mid May 2009 would be a way of finding out the date of the initial $2 Sale...and then the $1 is sometime later.

Sue...who was thrilled with what all Raee shopped for and then sent me.

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Sue, did all your things grow?

My poppies and pink cornflower didn't. I lost a few other things to not getting them potted up promptly, time just got away from me. It was still well worthwhile even with the failed plants. I have kept the poppy roots in the (very remote) hope that they are just dormant & will do something next year.

When (if) I find out about the sale next year I will post it here, for sure!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

The poppies did not make it.
The phlox did not make it, except I, like you, have hopes yet for one of them to maybe just be dormant.
2 tree peonies....looking good potted up in 2 litre bottles. Not sure where I'm going with those, but know it will be a massive undertaking to plant them 'right', and I sure don't ever want to have to move them!. One of them did not look to be a graft, but is all one long root. Both have the tree peony foliage though.

Lost one Heuchera...all the others are looking good in pots.

The tricolor butterfly bush turned out to be pink. It has been planted with care quite a while and has been loaded with blooms.

One Viburnum is thriving...and another is hanging on but will make it I think.

The lilacs are still in their pots. I am especially thrilled about George Eastman. I can't find much on line about it, but saw somewhere that it is a weeping lilac. How cool is that?
The NO ID lilac appears to have the same foliage as the Josee I ended up not being able to pass up locally at $6...so I may have 2 of them!
One of the lilacs I can't read the name on the pot...might have to hunt up your checklist to verify what it might be.

Hydrangea...looking good in its pot.

Black Knight butterfly bush blooming it its pot.

I'm still wondering just where I'm going with all this stuff. I have a lot of property, but when one has so many shrubs, it sure is a puzzle. I've make the mistake of putting a butterfly bush in a bed, and now I need to move a lot of things out since the butterfly bush exploded this season. I also had a Limelight Hydrangea explode in the same bed. It seems I never plant anything in the right place the first time.

Oh...and the blueberry is living in a pot for now too.
I think that's about it...That's enough, wouldn't you say. Though I lost a few things, all the other fabulous goodies more than made up for what it cost, even with shipping.

Josee lilac sells on line for $20, and George Eastman for $30....so you did real good!

I too did not get to all the plants promptly...there was just soooo many, especially considering what all I got at the Louisville swap just about 3 weeks earlier.

Thanks again Raee! I appreciate you shopping for me so much.


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You are welcome, I had a lot of fun doing it! Thanks for the update. About 50% of my phlox survived. I lost the bluebells, some geraniums, the strawberries, one gaillardia, one honeysuckle, and a clematis. Those poppies are expensive online, too, so I was disappointed. I do wonder about that Geo. Eastman, pls. let us know how it turns out!

I just can't seem to find a good spot for my hydrangeas. The East side of the garage still gets too much sun, it seems,cos they wilt daily, but nearly everywhere else is too exposed I think to winter winds. (The south side of the house, although shaded, doesn't have room)

I am in the same boat as you with getting other things in the ground, having not gotten my new beds dug and having to nurture quite a few things along in their pots. Pots will be the permanent homes for the blueberries, though, my soil is too alkaline for them.

Some things won't go in until I get some other things pulled out. I also have some shrubs that are much bigger than I expected (like the bayberry and the red-twig dogwood), and so too crowded, but I still want them, so I don't know what I will do with them. Try pruning them back, I guess.
Note to all--use your mosquito repellent!! West nile cases are occurring here in central ohio, but "mild" cases don't get testing and publicity even thought it can lay you low for a month --

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

So many wonderful things are thriving or surviving well, that I didn't mind loosing a few things.

It sounds like you really got a lot more than I did.

I have (small quantities) of seeds to so many poppies, that if and when I get them going, I maybe even have the ones that did not make it for us....and can share plants or seeds.

I really need to get a bunch of seed started yet...nothing like waiting until the last minute...huh?


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Can you start seed this late? I just got a pack of cosmos seed in the mail, but I was thinking that I'd best save it til spring. Of course, they aren't perennial, either.

I did get a lot of small(er) flowering perennials--not as many shrubs as you, but some of the same items. The hydrangeas that I fret over I have had for a few years. Some things I just meant to try in pots, like the strawberries.

I found a single long stem in my garden that I think is a new butterfly bush, but I sure don't think I planted it there. I wonder if it is possible that it seeded from one along the fence line. Or else I thought it was something else when I planted it (extremely possible) or it is really a weed (I've made that mistake before!) Found it while I was battling the evil trumpet vine's evil plan to evilly take over the entire back yard. I keep hoping that I can keep it in bounds--only because I love having the hummingbirds.

Raee--who will be working overtime to pay the water bill if it doesn't rain soon

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Can you start seed this late?
I certainly think so, and cosmos was one I had in mind. I can remember in years past growing them, and them reseeding within the same season, and the new seedlings then blooming clear up until frost.

Spring and Summers Sowing at the WS FAQ,
I have several varieties of the cosmos, and figured I'd maybe just start 6 or so seeds per variety, as I will want to plant them out far from one another so they won't cross.

I think there would still be time for sweet peas too, as it is now time to start the fall crop of snow peas.

I don't know that poppies would have enough time to bloom this season, but if they are perennial ones I'd think they would be fine through the winter and ready to bloom (and share) then next season.

That trumpet vine is sure invasive and I cursed it (well not really) for years until I saw it was a native. I had thought it was an introduced thing, as invasive as it is. I am now a lot more tolerant of it, but hate that it has overtaken my favorite wild blackberry patch.

I would like to have a red one, on an arch or trellis in the middle of a mowed area, so all the suckers that spring up could then just be easily mowed off, or shared.


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Bonniein -- I don't know if you got an answer to your question about notice of the sales. I got email alerts from the company -- I think at some point I ordered online from them, so they have my email address.

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Thanks for the link, Sue. I've never had much luck starting seeds--don't know what I do wrong, but I think that I will try again. It just already feels so late in the year although I know that here things can grow well often just about up to November.

If you ever want that red trumpet vine, I can send you a start. Just make sure your trellis is very strong & sturdy (like metal). Mine actually broke my cedar trellis just from the weight of its rampant growth.

When I ride my bike along the prairie grass trail, I see large patches of native trumpet vine -- and other natives like asclepias & monarda.

I picked up another plant along a bike trail --sprawling, dark green leaves similar to toad lily, bright plumbago blue flowers --very pretty--it also is now trying to take over the world starting with my yard & turns out is a non-native invasive. More brush-be-gone to the rescue--hand pulling is not doing the job.

Years ago I eradicated a large patch of wild berries (raspberry?) from the yard--just yesterday I found an upstart pushing up from below the patio pavers!!

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