What are your all-time favorite vines/plants/bushes/trees?

prism99March 31, 2006

We built a house on 3 acres in rural Wisconsin and I have enormous areas available for planting, including a 14-foot arbor. Some areas have a protected southern exposure while others have a wind-whipped northern exposure with no protection. The house is modified prairie-style, and we plan to seed some strips of prairie around the margins of the lot (after we kill weeds with clear plastic this summer). I still have long swaths of earth around the exterior strip of lawn that could be planted, as well as strips near the house.

What are your all-time favorites?

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My favorite vine is the Virginia Creeper. It has a lovely red fall color. Mine grows at the back of the property and climbs the neighbours pine tree making it look alive.
My favorite shrub is the Saskatoon berry. Both these plants have interest spring, summer and fall. Marg

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clairabelle(z4 Quebec)

I second Saskatoon berry, the fruit is to die for! marric, I have Regent and Smokey varieties and the latter bears more fruit.
Other favorite shrubs: weigela 'Carnaval', cotinus coggyra Royal Purple, Hakuro Nishiki variegated sage (all full sun).
Favorite perennials: Astilbes, Heucheras, Cimicifuga, Hakonechloa and Hostas for shade, Helictotrichon (Blue Oat Grass I think), Miscanthus grass, Ostfreidland Sage, Campanula, Ornamental Garlic, Catananche and Sedum spectabile for sun, just to name a few! :)
FAvorite vines: Clematis, what else!
A new favorite tree is Macckia amurensis which is good choice here with our Canadian winters!

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