Peonies and Phlox

SnapDragon82May 4, 2014

Hey all! So, I am a novice gardener, but I am bound and determined to grow peonies and phlox this year. I also have an assortment of African daisies, zinnias, and dahlias. The peonies and phlox are my biggest challenges, though. my grandmother has grown peonies as long as I can remember and I have always loved the big "powder puff" look of the blooms, and I have been told that the ONLY person in my family who has been successful at growing phlox is my great-grandmother! I got the candy striped variation because I just loved it. SOO-I'm a little more nervous about the peonies than the phlox. I have heard to just give the phlox a lot of room and they should do well, and that the peonies should be staked and sprayed? I planned on planting them next week, but are you REALLY supposed to wait until late summer? I have a huge plant with blooms on it!

sorry for sounding ignorant, I just really need some advice! I can manage impatiens and petunias, but I've never taken on bigger plants before. thanks!

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BlueBirdPeony(5b NE Ohio)

Can't help with the planting questions unfortunately because both my peonies and phlox came with my new house. I've been here 3 years now thought and can say without any question that they are 2 of the easiest things to maintain. I literally do nothing to my peonies. No fertilizer, no pruning, no staking. I like them best as cut flowers so I cut til my heart's content. Before the first frost I cut them back to about 6" tall. Otherwise they are neglected and they still produce fabulously.
My phlox are also pathetically easy. I have both creeping and upright. The upright are beautiful and just do their own thing. Have never fertilized them either. Once established these are both really easy. Don't stress. Just get them in the ground!

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