Louisville area newbie question

ohiovalleygardener(5/6)June 5, 2010

I'm sort of a newbie. Did winter sow several years ago and was quite successful. I even made it to the Louisville plant swap. My success made my yard so full I ended up having to pull out lots of stuff since the cottage garden look became the empty house and overgrown look. I ama restarting this year with only a few things and have made actual fenced areas for the things I will be growing. Now the question. Where is everyones favorite place to get seeds. I get some from Walmart and the like but can't find any of the more unusual stuff.

So wish I could have made the plant swap. I didn't see the post since I just rejoined and already have commitments. Everyone have a great day. Marcia, I still have the beautiful ferns you shared with me that were along your driveway. Smiles and sunshine to everyone. Vicci

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I have no idea on this one, but am glad that the ferns did well. We are talking about having a fall swap in early September, so you should be able to get seeds from people then.

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Thanks Marcia, I can't wait.

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Hi Vicci! I think I remember you...don't you live across the river? We do have a wonderful time at Marcia's house...

I have tons of seed to share- my exchange list is not complete (by a long shot)- do you know what you want?
I will be glad to send you some - I even have a few veggies now too-

I have ordered heirloom tomato and bean seed from Baker Creek Seed co...also ordered a few from Parks...
I don't usually order seeds, but just trade/send sasbe from the w/s seed or the gw seed exchange forum...this fall/early winter there will be lots of seeds offered...
you might try that as it is so much more cost effective than ordering from the big seed companies....but, first post what you would like (or email me directly)-

I also have hosta, iris, daylily, peony I could share...

looking forward to seeing you in the fall..
Linda (by the airport)

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Fall swap is Sept.11 at my house. There is a post going about it...fall Pow-Wow

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Thanks everyone. Linda, I also remember you. I do live across the river. I think you sent me seeds before. I will email you directly about some seeds. Thank you so much for offering to help me out. Sorry it took so long to get back here but my computer is often occupied by my kids and I have been working in the garden in the evening. Can't wait till the swap. Thanks again. Vicci

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Hi everyone. I live in KY near the river & Louisville - we retired here almost 2 years ago. I don't grow fruits & vegetables because of the deer, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, etc. But I do have two nice looking cottage gardens and a small shade garden.

I'm trying to plant perennials that do well here and come up every year on their own although I do buy several flats of annuals each year for border color.

I would love to be included in a fall swap.

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Hello cattknap!
if you haven't already, be sure to post on the PowWow thread- I am sure Sue and Marcia will want to put you on the list as a "yes"

we will be very glad to have you! we have a good time -
I will have perennials to share with you- iris, peony and day lily- and no need for a trade- my little city garden is about full :))

see you on the fall swap thread!
best wishes,

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Thank you Linda!

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