Louisville Plant Swap..over for now

marciagayeJune 5, 2011

We had a great time and enjoyed visiting with each other. And of course the food was great. We will be having a fall "pow-wow" as Sue calls it. We are looking at the 2nd weekend in September...that would be the 10th. How does that work with everyone's schedule?

Marla Jo....I have your plants here for you from yesterday.

Now out to plant what I got yesterday........

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi Marcia,

I was amazed at how late it was when the last of us stragglers left yesterday evening and hope we did not overstay our welcome...I need to get a new watch!

I had a great time and was amazed at how much I did 'not' come home with and am so pleased with the few choice plants I opted to receive, especially considering how many nice plants were being 'pushed' there.

Kate, it was so nice seeing you and meeting your Mom. She was such a nice addition to the swap, and I look forward to her joining us at future swaps. I wish we would have had more time to visit after I got all my plants 'pushed' and distributed....whew...what a chore.

Nance, I got a kick out of your friend Sue, pushing her plants just like a real swap 'pro' and hope she will plan to be a swap regular. Might she want to join Garden Web, to make some prearranged swap or sharing transactions? I'd love to know a bit more about Farnsley, and see the new 'home' of things I have shared in the past. I envision the gardens there to be spectacular.

Always nice to see you and thanks for making the brownies...they were great.

Nice seeing you too, and hopefully I can add some new 'bulbs' to your collection come fall swap time.

You are certainly the life of the party and such a hoot. Thanks for all you contributed to the fun as well as bringing Hunk.

Thanks for yet another great dish, and I'll be making that salad if/when I can remember what all was in it...should have made note of it all.

Marla Jo,
We missed you, yet again, and I hope to see you this fall. Feel free to pass along to someone else some of the numerous red daylilies I left for you. I know they may be more than you can use, and just didn't want to drag them back home. This fall I will hopefully have a lot more items that will be shovel pruned as I continue to try and downsize so much here and get things out of the veggie garden rows.

Molly and Dee Dee were also such nice additions to the swap, and I hope they will be able to attend in the future. Having Dee Dee as a newbie was especially nice, since she was receptive to having 'stuff' pushed off on her. I'm glad she was pleased with her goodies.

Well I stopped and shopped on the way home, closing down Goodwill at 9 and then Penneys at 10 and didn't buy a thing. I think I was just too exhausted to try and make any decisions on anything and didn't want to make a purchase that I would later regret....like would I really ever wear a sterling silver toe ring...or am I a wee bit too old? I thought one might look good with my new sandals that as Tina said, "are way out there."

Well had best get things unloaded and cared for and get my day started.

Thanks Marcia and Dwight for yet another great time. I'm already looking forward to us getting together in the fall.


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nance(6 KY)

Hi Marcia,
Thank you for including me in your plant swap.It always is so pleasant.I really would have stayed longer but Sue had to get home.
I already got half of those plants planted at Farnsley Moreman Landing. I will not keep any those plants for myself.I am so happy to get all these since there wasnt a plant in my work area.[we had the whole garden disked and soil tested and ect]
I was worried about those bachelor buttons but they perked up after watering every thing last night.I am so glad I got those daylilies from you Sue. Got a perfect spot for them
Toe ring would look good on you,Sue....go good with your sandles!!!
Hoping to see you this Fall.
Thank you Linda for e mailing me about the swap.Just a super bunch of women!
Sue.. Be calling you so you can tell me how to get pictures of my plants on GW.
Nancy from Valley Station

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Thank you, everyone, for once again entrusting me with so many of your "babies." I promise I'll give them a good home.

I know my neighbors already think I'm a bit strange, since I'm the only one around here who has a clothesline, compost pile, or veggie garden, and I also seem to be the only one who lets their kid run around nekked through the sprinkler. (I guess Sue would call me a bean sprout.) So I'm sure they just love the elaborate umbrella system I've set up in the front yard to keep the hot morning sun off the plants I put out there. Not to mention the hollies that are now out by the curb, waiting for someone to take them or the trash men to haul them off.

Oh well. I had a great time Saturday, and hope to be able to attend this fall, too.


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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

Thank you, Marcia, for hosting a lovely swap -- again! Hunk and I had a marvelous time, and I am so very pleased with my plant haul. :)

Most everything is in the ground, save for a few that are going to Alan's workplace, and the fern (I can't yet decide where it needs to be planted). Had to move a few things to get it working, but it looks nifty.

Thank you ALL for the wunerful good time, and the wunerful good plants!

The fall dates look good to me. I'll check back when I have our early school schedule and know for sure.

Cute little story:
Late that evening, I discovered that our little house wren's baby....had fallen through the bathroom vent and was sitting very very still beside the toilet. Looks like that hole was not actually the soffit, but the exhaust vent. (Now that I look at the whole wall, it's obvious...)

I scooped it up and put it under a big ol' hollyhock that was below the nest site. It shouldn't have feldged for about another 3-4 days. Mom and dad held careful watch through yesterday, feeding him when I left the garden, and slowly led him out of there and into the wild brush strip in the backyard (to get him away from that scary human) it looks like.

Sue - Toe ring, definitely a go -- it would look great on you, and especially great with those sandals!


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oh yes, what a nice time!
I am pleased with my new plants too- haven't gotten them planted out, but they are looking good

doughnuts for breakfast, wonderful salad for lunch (and cupcakes and brownies) -thanks

so nice to have some new 'members' to our group

Marcia- let us know when that 'bouncing baby boy' gets here-

see you in Sept

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Ha Jen, you aren't truly a beansprout if you eat anything with coolwhip in it. I'd love to see that umbrella system you rigged up...yes, I'll bet your neighbors are either shaking or scratching their heads on that one.

Tina...wish you would have gotten a pic of the little wren in the bathroom. When I find injured birds I always bring them in and put them in the tub and shut the door on the bath to wait and see if they recover after flying into the pic window. I can't leave them outside because of the furbabies getting them.

Yes Linda...I always enjoy the 'goodies' as much or more than the plants, along with the socializing.


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MarlaJo came and got her plants...I kept them alive till she got here.....

I enjoyed seeing and chatting with everyone.

Sue....nobody overstays their welcome here....hell...if I get tired I say so long and head to bed...LOL.

My daylilies are starting to slowly bloom, so I will take pics and number them for the fall...so everyone can get what they want.

Kate...I just realized I did not get a chance to talk with you. I will next time !!!

I had to move that one hanging basket again and I got John...my stepson ( that belongs to DeeDee) to get some dead limbs out of the tree. Now to remove some live limbs that are hanging too low...it never ends.

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Darn, I missed it. I've haven't been able to attend for a couple of years and thought I would check to see if I could make it this year and lo and behold I missed it. It looks like everyone had a great time. Hopefully, I can make it in the fall.

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kilngod z6b(Zone 6b)

There's the little feathery thing from last year :)

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