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clairdo2(3)March 17, 2008

I took a few cuttings from my ivy plant. will save me a few bucks. Evry year I buy ivies but not this year.

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

That's a good idea. In past years, I overwintered plants from outdoors by taking cuttings and growing them in a small pot, even a large drink cup, for winter (coleus, sweet potato vine, impatien) and then making a few cuttings in spring after they put on new growth.

Another method for some plants is to dig up the entire plant, pot it, trim it back if you have too, and keep indoors for winter. This has worked for geraniums and something I have called copper plant.

Actually, regarding my copper plant, it was from 'proven winners' and after I bought it I researched on the 'net and discovered it's actually an evergreen tropical shrub in it's native habitat. So, it seemed a shame to use it as an annual and toss it after one season. I transplanted to a single pot and have it growing in my living room for winter. It will go back outside in spring. I also have a huge banana plant (musa ensete) in the kitchen window that's aching for a transplant and to get back outdoors.


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moonsanity(Zone 5)

Is that also a nasturtium to the right? I grown as many as I can outside, but haven't grown them inside!

I have an aloe plant that I need to divide-- it's seriously crowded.

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