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hosta_freak(z6 NC)August 17, 2012

An early fall this year! I don't care what the calendar says,all the signs are here. Trees yellowing,and dropping leaves,and more importantly,hostas are sagging to the ground,yellowing of leaves,and the ground is getting rock hard. Some hostas have gone completely dormant,and many others are joining them. I know you all up north may still have summer,but even the temps are milder than June,or July,and the rainfall has completely ceased! It's time to say goodbye to hostas,and hello to football,and my bowling league! Just mho. Phil

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Bring it on. I'm sick of the heat, and looking at the nematodes, and trying to keep the annuals blooming. I'm ready for football and crisp Fall days.

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tepelus(6a SW MI)

We've been getting some good rain for the past couple of weeks, finally. The grass is green again and growing (needs mowing) and the weeds in my beds have resumed in their mission to take over the world. And the temps aren't set on nuclear anymore, we're getting nice comfortable temperatures in the 70's and low to mid eighties for highs, 60's for lows. For a few of my hostas it looks like the rain came too late and are either going dormant or dieing. I'm most concerned for Jack Of Diamonds, it hasn't looked very well at all this year. We'll see if it comes back next year. It's almost gone.


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Even with the prolonged drought here in IL my trees were only finally just begining to drop their excessive foliage last week. Now I have had as much rain last week as I have had in the entire months of June or July, which isn't saying much. My hostas have perked up nicely and are mostly sending up new growth.

Since they had broken dormancy so early this year I too wonder if it will affect their fall pattern. So far all I have seen is the effect of low water availability. I thought my Wide Brim was showing signs of early dormancy. But when enough foliage had died back I found a vole hole to the rear of the crown. It may have succumbed to heat and drought, but that is due to having most of its roots eaten by voles. The 3 small divisions I have salvaged and potted a little over a week ago are already sending up new leaves.

My walnut by the way is pretty much on its normal schedule. When the nuts are ready, the leaves begin to fall and the unhusked walnuts the squirrels are picking are as large as ever, so they are ready. By mid-Sept. it never has any leaves on it.

I guess I could have said I see no indication of early onset of dormancy without explaining why I said it, but by now you should know me - I am diametrically the opposite of ken: never say in few words what can be said in many! :)
If I were a better speller I could have just said I am verbous?

Enjoy the football season anyway. "da Bears!" have just broken camp at ONU (20 minutes from my house) yesterday and this is the first time in 10 years I never got there.


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Around here, I am happy with the amount of rain we are getting. It might be a full crop of pecans as well, if the squirrels stop throwing them at me. Thinking about wearing a hard hat out back. Sometimes the torn leaves on the hosta reveal a big fat green pecan somewhere nearby.

The amount of rain, that is a return to the traditional weather pattern from my childhood, when we could depend on scattered afternoon thundershowers. It made life bearable, but it also kept the humidity up. In the garden where so many pine trees were cut down, the fungi which grow from the tree roots are just about everywhere. All of my plants are growing. However, the hosta which are in primarily shade are all dark green, and show signs of needing more light. I've learned a lot this year and locating hosta to get adequate light is one of the most critical. Thank heaven for container gardening. I highly recommend it to new hosta folks, it saves a LOT of digging.

Between sweet gum balls and pecans, you have to navigate my garden with care or chance turning an ankle. I'm not ready for the mass of pecan leaves I am just now enjoying the look of my plantaginea family blooming so lovely. What a beautiful finale to the summer.

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We are in Kansas City and had a record low yesterday morning of 53. Of course, it was 106 10 days ago but I too am tired of fighting this summer.

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tepelus(6a SW MI)

Moccasin, I'm imagining the squirrels up in your tree beaming you in the noggin with pecans, and laughing like Chip & Dale while doing it. LOL!


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bkay2000(8a TX)

I think you're right Phil, fall is going to be early this year. The only time I have allergies is in the fall. I'm starting to cough and sneese with the last front that came through.


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Karen-That seems to be a worldwide game of squirrels. Ours aim walnuts at us and Amber doggie.

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bernd ny zone5

Things are OK here, it rained every few days, so even all parts of the lawn are green. Next weekend I will move and plant a lot, all my seedlings will get their spot for winter. After seedlings being warm all their life, they will get -10 to -20 F degrees in 4-5 months. It is also amazing that Christmas will be around in 4 months, probably with snow. So gardens will be cool soon.

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Still not much rain here but some, at least. Supposed to have a low of 42 tonight! That's just Not Right. It's still August. Gonna' toss a frost blanket over the green pepper plants in the veggie garden.

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Though we had a very unusual month of drought from late June through late July, the rains have returned. And here in the Ottawa Valley, 30C (86F) was hit maybe a dozen times but for sure we never get the baking heat you guys all talk about. And like cilantro in WI, the forecast calls for a night in the 30s this week. Summer is definitely winding down though to me seems right on schedule.

All the hostas stayed unfried all summer ... and looked pretty good ... I have about 60 different examples so just a small garden by the standards of many of you. The last flowers are blooming now and they will just make it before the mid September frosts put an end to all the hosta foliage. Winter snows and freezeup will come soon enough:) ... no need to rush them!

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Well, it was too hot for me to spread the load of half soil/half bark that was dumped in the driveway earlier this summer. I've nibbled away at it between the rain storms, and must remove it completely so the delivery truck can back up the drive and deliver the 1000 ft of flooring to our garage on Aug 24. Once that is done, then two loads of pine bark can come to take its place. Might be easier to move it, do you think? I'm reminded that you can move a mountain with a teaspoon if you are patient enough. Nibbling away is my approach to fairly large projects anyway. My quota for today is the equivalent of two wheelbarrows full. I'll have to get a picture of the "dump wagon" that I bought to make such chores easier on my aging bones. Later, folks. It's outdoors for me before the shade disappears.

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Thankfully it has cooled off here, even tho we have still had no rain amd the drought continues. At least when we water, the plants and soil stay hydrated for a few days instead of just a few short hours.

Working outside, cutting back bedraggled plants, doing late-summer/fall planting.

Hoping we have a long, pleasant fall and mild but wet winter.


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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

I am in for a long cold winter here in Florida. My gauge is my lows in August. If I am 80 - 82 for the low I will have a warm winter as last year was. I have been down to 72 deg for the month average. I love the heat myself and do not look forward to the cold. Heck I have been away for 1 week and even miss the humidity. Lost in LA, California, Paula

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

FWIW department. We got 1/2 inch of rain last night. It perked up the hostas a little,but for most of them,it is too late. It will help the moisture in the ground,however,but it still looks like an early fall. Just a little update. Phil

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