Teresa_MNAugust 17, 2013

I emailed this to Ken and did not hear back. Ken - are you ignoring me? I know I have not been here in a while but that is no reason to ignore me!

This is a second year seedling found growing in a pile of pine bark mulch. I finally got around to distributing the last of the mulch and was tossing out most of the hostas coming up. I saved a bright gold one and this one. It was growing about 8 feet away from a Royal Tiara. It's possible it came from the Royal Tiara - it has the same kind of twisty leaves.

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Teresa, congrats on your "twisty" seedling. Hope it continues to do well for you. There is something very special about the ones we grow from seed in our own garden. I think it makes gardening with hostas even more fun :)


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Teresa, your seedling is showing great promise! Shiney, twistey, apple green, what's not to love!?

The seed could have come from anywhere...your garden or a neighbor's...stashed by a rodent or dropped by a bird. I'd just call is Orphan X and enjoy watching it grow up. And if it starts acting out, you could package it up and send it to my house for a dose of Tough Love, eh? ;-)

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Nice to see you posting again Teresa! Seedlings can be weird,where they pop up. I found a little blue seedling this year,down by my little creek,in a place where no hosta had ever been planted. I moved it up into the garden,so I can observe it next year. Hope yours turns out nicely! Phil

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Hello Phil! I never had any luck when I was planting the seeds myself. I don't really have a dedicated spot to start them indoors anyway. It makes it more fun when these just turned up on their own.

Here is seedling #2 - the yellow one. Also year two. The other hosta in the photo is Invincible. The leaves already have some bumps and a little rippling.

Now that I am paying attention to these - they will die over the winter! :-)

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bernd ny zone5

Congratulation to these nice seedlings! #2 could be h.'Invincible Spirit', see the hosta library. Your picture shows the onset of puckering and piecrust on a slender leaf, very nice. Bernd

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