Big Columbus boxwood and Scotch broom looking for a home

alison(6b/OH)June 15, 2005

Well, they're finally starting construction on the Fort Hayes campus, and my little herb garden is staring at the bulldozers.

One of the teachers here has already "relieved" me of most of the plants. I'm hoping I can get the bulldozer guys to help me dig up the Bradford pear my parents gave me, and I'm waiting as long as possible to dig up the 15' New Dawn rose. (Not looking forward to that excavation -- and I still have to figure out where to put it!)

But there are still two big plants that could be nice specimen plants for someone. The first is a Scotch broom, 3-3 1/2' tall, and about that around. Soime varieites of broom are considered invaisive, but this one has never been a problem. Thrives in full sun and little water, and is covered with beautiful yellow pea-like flowers in early May. Looks like this.

The second is a really big boxwood of an unknown variety. Probably 3 1/2' tall and maybe 4' around. Super-hardy and green all winter. Very like this one.

If you're interested and can come down to dig them up by this weekend -- they're yours! Shoot me an email.

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akheadbanger(z?? OH)

where is fort haynes campus? i cant make it but my mom might b able to. gimme more info

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Going once....

akheadbanger, did you get my email?

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Going twice....

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Third mention....

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I think they may be fencing off this part of the construction site on Monday, so I posted these on Freecycle.

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storygardener(5/6 central oh)

Alsion...I am so sorry to see that your herb garden is going to be bulldozed!! That stinks. I know how much you love herbs and fragrant plants. This is sad. Will you be able to save any to put in your tiny yard, I hope.


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Thnaks, Bev! It's one of the dangers of guerilla gardening, unfortunately. But it was a nice long run. And while I could have weeded more, I think a lot of people enjyed the garden in the last few years.

All of the herbs have found nice homes. (Some folks I didn't even know stopped by to say they'd enjoyed the garden and asked for specific plants.) I dug up the iris last weekend and the strawberry plants are being picked up Sunday. I've cut the New Dawn rose way back, and will dig it up this weekend. I wish I could think of some way to save the Bradford pear my folks gave me, but they brought it up from Cincinnati four years ago and it's simply too big to dig up.

One of the guys I work with brought in a little red wagon, and we've been going out during the day, whenever we have a few minutes, and salvaging the flagstones and bricks from the garden. We've still got the little space immediately in front of the office, and will be developing that over the summer. We've already got two dwarf peach trees, 3 different types of lilacs, Mimi's Stella D'Oros.....

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