Portland Currants at Their Peak

larry_geneMarch 14, 2010

We were getting impatient with this plant, it got so large so fast, and neighborhood plants smaller or similar sized (but probably older) bloomed in past years. Year 3, we had one bloom cluster, this year, year 4, dozens.

Also pictured: Magnolia grandiflora, evergreen huckleberry.

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Red is better with naturally dangling flowers in our woods. What's up with exposed washed up pink flower parts?

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I agree--I prefer the truly local native red-blossomed woodland currant.

The above image is color-accurate. No retouching. Notice all the other colors in the picture are what you would expect. The shadows on the fence were not cast by Bigfoot or UFOs.

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George Three LLC

right along the columbia around where it meets the willamette the white flowering variety is about as common as the red/pink. kelly point park is a good place to check them out. nice variety of the native.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Color ranges from nearly red to pretty much pink. One shown could be one of the named selections chosen for softer coloring.

Interesting that there is a lot of white ones in that one area, for all the wild specimens I have seen up here I have seen white only in cultivation.

I've read that there was also a place on the southern Oregon coast where white Coast rhododendrons were abundant, but most of these have been destroyed.

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