Sept 11, 2010-First Annual Fall Louisville Pow-Wow-Save the date

Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)June 22, 2010

The date has been set (!!!)., unless something unforeseen should happen to come up with our hostess Marciagaye.

You are cordially invited to the Pow-Wow. Time 10 AM-??? Who knows.

This is a combination swap, get together, and small pitch-in of snacks and luncheon.

You are invited to bring anything pertaining to gardening that you wish to share,

ie, Plants,


Seeds (we 'should' have at least 'some' new stock by then)

Bulbs-great time to trade any daffodils or any other spring blooming bulbs that were dug earlier in the year

Rhizomes-still time to dig, divide, share some irises

Produce-whatever is abundant that one might care to share

Tips and wisdom always welcome-Pictures, etc

Home and Garden magazines and catalogs

Bird houses

Bird feeders

Any garden accoutrements

Snacks, brownies, chips, cold salads, brownies, paper goods (plates, bowls, utensils, paper towels/napkins,) brownies, beverages, donuts/coffee cake, brownies, etc. Other ideas?

Got something you made that you would like to show off? Please bring it. I hope to get a chance to maybe try my hand at some hypertufa containers by Pow-Wow time.

If interested in doing any trading, please update your trade lists. If you don't have anything to trade, that too is fine. Update your wish list and just bring some brownies or things from the list above.

Please be sure and have an email link showing on your Member Page so you can be reached. Holler if you need help in getting it set up so that you can be reached.

So far, those who have expressed interest are

our lovely hostess of course marciagaye and her sweetie DH

chemocurl (me-Sue)

flowerchildky (Linda, by the airport)

KilngodTina and her sweetie DH


sassyflowerchild-Nancy, our newest member-Shall we count you in? I'm so glad you joined us...It was nice meeting you.

broodyjen-Jen Can you save the date? It was great seeing you!

GotdirtGood to see you too with your friends-can you make it to the Pow-Wow? Please set up your Member Page email link, in case of updates on the Pow-Wow.

Others who had posted to the Spring Swap (June) thread but didn't get to make it are:






As you run across folks on other forums here, if you notice they are from Kentuckiana, either invite them and link to this thread or give me a holler and I'll send a private email invite....or you can.

So, can you all make it? Hope so!

Who else can you think of that has attended previously, that I have missed? I know I run across folks all the time on other forums that are from the area.


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Hi Sue!
count me in- sounds great!

I hope to have lots of daylilly, iris and peony to bring..

I will bring a cold salad and paper plates...

I will 'pass the word' also..

thanks ringleader :))

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County me in. I'm just restarting so don't have much but will come up with something. Will definately bring handmade bourbon balls and chocolate truffles. Thanks everybody for getting this together. Vicci

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I have the calendar marked......let the fun begin !!!!!!

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I would love to go to this! It will be my first plant swap:)
I can't figure out how to post my dream list/ plants available to swap on my profile so I will list a few that I have to bring here:
varigated hosta,
purple coneflower,
yellow siberian iris,
solid puple bearded iris,
blue balloon flower,
blue spiderwart,
pink double flower columbine seeds
to start with:)

Brenda from SW IN

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Please add me to the list - I'd love to be included. I'll bring a pasta salad.

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alanrocks(z6 KY)

If I can make it in the morning, I will try. Sept. 11 is 'Rock the Rocks' the Falls of the Ohio Foundation's big fundraising event. It is in the evening, but I have to be there since I work at the park and am involved in the exhibit replacement project! I've got lots of plants in pots right now, plus seed out the whazoo. Some of the plants will end up in the park gardens, but here's a preliminary list of plants...
Amsonia hubrichtii (Threadleaf bluestar)
Amsonia tabernaemontana (Eastern Bluestar)
Aquilegia canadensis / regular and 'Little Lanterns'
Aquilegia sp. (Double pink)
Aquilegia sp. 'Tequila Sunrise'
Echinacea purpurea
Iberis (Candytuft, Royal Carpet)
Lychnis chalcedonia (Maltese Cross)
Pardancanda norrisii (Candy Lily)
Penstemon smallii 'Violet Dusk'
Ratibida pinnata (Golden Glow)
Tradescantia virginiana (Virginia Spiderwort)
and others...

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marciagaye in the world do we continue to pick dates that you already have booked...LOL :)

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I would be interested in coming. I have some Yucca plants, Tanzi, Lipstick plant, yellow pond iris, some seeds and I will check for some other things to see what I can divide.
I am looking for the old fashioned yellow and tan iris, a blue iris, Colorado Columbine, white pond iris, reblooming iris, old fashioned purple summer phlox, free floating pond plants (We just cleaned the pond and DH said no more pots in the pond since they turn over and it is sooo much fun to clean the dirt out) and anything for wildlife.
I can also bring a cake and paper plates, forks etc.
My email is:

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plantsforever(zone 6)

Hi Sue

Thanks for the invite. I'll mark the date on my calendar and plan on making some bean salad. I have water lotus and hardy lilies, as well as curry leaf plants and some other things if anyone is interested. Just need to get it together!


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Well, the Pow-Wow is just 3 weeks away. Where has the summer gone?

Get those Wish Lists (trade lists) updated!

I'm hoping/planning to do a lot of digging, dividing, planting and moving of 'stuff' these next 3 weeks and will get some goodies together as I go. Hopefully I will get some fresh (2010) seeds collected too to bring to share.

Will post more later


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Hi Sue and all!
yes, the summer has flown- it sure has been a hot one!
looking forward to the pow-wow but I will have to leave a little early- going to Frankfort for one of my great nephews birthday party...

a couple of things:
can I dig iris, peony, day lily now? I usually put them in plastic grocery bags with holes punched in for air-
what about perinnials? If I dig now, should I put them in pots? or what???

I have lots of seed that are not this year's collection-
I wintersowed some of them and they did great..
I will bring some for those who want to try them..
I will have some wintersowing supplies to share-
I will have some heirloom bean seed to share- I will try to update my 'have' list so you can browse before the swap-
yes, everyone update your wants list...

I need to seriously downsize my garden- it has become an overgrown mess- I just can't take care of it like I did when I first started gardening in 1997 :))I hope to share a lot of things with people I know will love and take care of them..

a sad note:
many of you remember my Mom "mema"-
at the end of June, her kidneys shut down-
she was in the hospital for a month and then to rehab for a couple of weeks- they put her on diaylsis, but could not
keep the fluid down and blood pressure up-
she passed away on Aug 8th
she was 88 years young-- we sure miss her
thankful for all the time we had together, and that she knew we were there for her all the way.

my son and his wife and baby are going to buy Mema's house-right across the street from my house- it will be so nice to have them close- My Mom and Dad bought the house new over 50 years ago, and we just couldn't let it go...they are excited about living there and raising their family..

looking forward to seeing all of you-
best wishes,

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marciagaye very sorry to hear about Mema.....we did get to enjoy her the few years she was able to join us. I am sure she will be looking down at us on the 11th and smiling as everyone grabs plants...or gets talked into taking more home with them. has been a hot yard has really suffered. I also almost had a heart attack when I opened up the LG&E bill this week.....
I am looking forward to seeing everyone. Pray that it cools off we can enjoy. If it gets too hot...we'll just have to move inside...LOL.

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So sorry for your loss Linda. What a blessing to have had her and the beautiful memories you made together.
I am looking so forward to the swap. My small garden was taken over by tomatoes, pumpkin vines and weeds. Next year I hope it will be a butterfly garden. I don't have much to share but look forward to maybe adding some seeds to my winter sow plans. Thanks again for those that put this together. Vicci

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Linda, so sorry to hear about Mema. But so lovely that your son is able to help keep her house in the family.

I will be at the swap, "if the crick don't rise," as they say. And, Earle (currently known as "Hurricane Earle") will be coming with me this time.

I'll be bringing a few seeds I've collected--some Zinnia, hollyhock, and monarda. I also have the following plants, please speak up if anyone wants me to put their name on one:

Black-eyed susan (unnamed)
Purple coneflower (unnamed)
Hollyhock (black or magenta blooms)

Other than that, I don't have much else to offer. I will say that the plants I took home from the spring swap are doing lovely! I don't remember who gave me the cucumber but it is still feeding me :)

I may also be bringing a friend.

See you soon!


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Linda, sorry to hear about Mema. After having met her the first time, I always felt like she was really one of us, and such a joy. Glad to hear your son and family will be close and keeping the house. I'm thinking that you did a lot of gardening over there and imagine you will get to continue now, with the new family.

I know you asked a week ago if it might be all right to dig, but think it would be fine now (if you haven't already) to dig and put some things in bags, and maybe pot up 'some' stuff. I haven't begun to think yet about what I'm bringing...sigh, and haven't yet tried out any cool recipes...

Jen, so glad you and Hurricane Earle are making it...

hoosiergardener/Brenda...(wish list?)
catnap/ (wish list)
Kyme/( wish list?)
plantsforever/Kay...hope to meet you and see you all there.

It's now just one week away...YIKES...where did the last week go?...oh I see I was mistaken on Aug 27th when I thought it was three weeks away.

Anywho, our hostess has started a new thread at the link below...please check in there for Roll Call.

Here is a link that might be useful: One week till Louisville Fall 'Pow Wow'

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Does anyone who is attending the swap happen to have any of those green fence posts that you hammer into the ground and put the lightweight green or silver fencing on? I need about 3 of these and thought I would try here first. If you do please let me know what you may want for them so I can see what I can do. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Vicci

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So far it looks like mother nature is not going to co-operate with us. But that is O.K. we will just move into the garage and house if the need arises. We knew it would happen sooner or later.

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DArn it. I have been so busy lately and have not been on here, and I did not know it was today. I would have come. :(

I've had a rough time the past couple of years, what with going through my divorce, and wanted so badly to get my yard in shape this summer. Got some stuff from Marcia from the spring swap, but with the heat and my dog digging up what i planted (arg), I lost almost everything. So next spring I will start again, and will find some fencing of some type to keep her out of my plants.
So I will be at the spring swap if it does not happen the first weekend in June.
And if anyone lives near PRP and can give me some advice/help with my yard, I would soooo appreciate it. It is soooo boring.

Marla Jo (dreamspirit) (Thinking about deleting this and making a new account????)

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Marla Jo, we missed you!
we had a very nice time-small group- everyone has been 'worn out' with the weather we had this summer-
I have been busy too - where does the time go?? :))

I am downsizing my gardens- would love to share with you-
maybe we can get together (will send email to you soon) - I have several plants that are low maintenance that would add lots of color and texture to your lily, peony, iris etc.

I am not too far from you- I live by the airport- off Preston

talk to you soon

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