Tropical Ohio pics 2007

jurassicdarylJune 18, 2007

Here is the start of my new garden timeline for 2007. Its mainly castor beans, musa basjoo & EE's. The first pic is from the 2007 winter, second is May 3 and the rest are weekly starting on May 21...

Here is a link that might be useful: 2007 garden timeline

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Isn't amazing how a site can be transformed? Its nice to see the progression. Great pics. I gotta try castor bean some time. It really looks great!

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Last years...

Here is a link that might be useful: 2006 Garden Timeline

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Fantastic! So your Basjoos made it through this tough winter I take it. I have to get some. If I do, I think I will put them in pots and take them inside this winter to let them get bigger. Dr. Franko said to start them really early so they get a good root system before winter. Did you find that to be true? How did you winterize them? Oh, this will be garden project #27 : )!

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Bananasinohio, Yes they made it...The puesdostems didn't fair so well but the plants are ahead of last year already. To get them big, I highly recommend that you plant them in the ground asap. There is a link below to a musa basjoo that been outside for 3 years. I use pine needles in the cage...

Here is a link that might be useful: bananas

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Thanks! I tried two years in a row and failed. One year I just planted them too late (sale at a local nursery in Aug. but the people there didn't know anything). The second year I didn't protect them and they rotted away. Dr. Franko said eventually they would not need any protection. We'll see...

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Added a few more pics. If you're in SW Ohio, try Sharon Nursery in Mason or in Waynesville/Springboro to buy large bananas. Amend the soil with sand, mulch and bagged topsoil. Use a liquid root stimulator also...Good luck

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I am in SW Ohio! I am in Centerville and Grandma's is a favorite stop of mine. I will have to give them a call and see if they have any. I didn't think to ask the last time I was there. My hubby works in Mason, so I will see if he can stop in Sharon. Thanks!

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Jurassicdaryl today i have learned alot from you. Iam a 1st time grower of banana plants and iam going to attempt to over winter it in the ground. Do u put a tire around it, and the a tomato cage filled with leaves and a blanket also? i read that in another gardenweb forum. your not that far from me, im in cincinnati; so of course i figure i can attempt to achieve what u have so aptly called a garden!!!!

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Hey ohgirl, Thx& stop out if you like. Well assuming you have a cold hardy banana - probably musa basjoo aka chinese fiber banana...put a metal cage(fencing/chicken wire) around it filled with pine needles(pref) or leaves. Support the cage with some stakes. I don't use a tire. A tomato cage will not be able to hold the insulating needles/leaves...Note: Some people will cut the stalk(puesdostem) down to just below the top of the pine needles and some spray a fungicide on the stem. Many methods to overwinter including garbage cans, piles of bagged leaves, bringing inside to go dormant. Mine has yet to fail in 6 years and its actually quite simple, if I made sense....You must have a well rooted banana - planted by mid July at the latest - in Ohio. I cage mine right before the first hard frost.

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im so interested!! i bought a banana last year, end of season sale, and it didnt have any instructions with it. seeing as how it was a tropical, i thought i needed to winter it inside, like my elephant ears and cannas. needless to say, nothing came up when i potted it in february. now i know what to do, and can look for another one!!

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That's a great looking garden. What plants do you have? I see the bananas, what are the tall ones? I am in the Dayton area and I am starting a tropical garden. I have 2 Windmill Palms, 5 Chinese Fan Palms, 2 sagos and 1 Japanese Banana. I had 7 bananas before this past April's cold. I left them uncovered when I went on vacation. Who knew it would get down to 20 in April? I also have several cannas, and elephant ears. I was thinking of adding a couple of needle palms. Anyway, can you list what you have planted?

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Hey don, In the photos...I have musa basjoo, cavendish and an unidentified red banana. Also castor beans, a few different elephant ears, cannas, one Haynes Stiffe windmill palm(1st yr in ground), horsetail, hostas, zebra grass and wystera on the arbor. Those plants are around my deck. The castor beans are amost 18', 13' musa basjoo and 7' cavendishes. I have a five acre yard and have some bamboo a few hundred feet out from the rear of the house. Would love to trade some time. See my banana note...I wish I had a greenhouse....

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How are you able to over winter the other two banana's outside? or do you dig them up? i have been growing Basjoo's without protection for five years. there is only two other type of banana plants i know of that will live year around in ohio. also do you bring the elephant ears in for the winter as well.

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Daryl---beautiful plants man! Hey, who do you recommend for Giant EE's--Brian's Botanicals? Plant Delights? Any other recommendations for a good nursery with big exotic tropicals?

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daryljurassic(OHIO 6a)

Thx, I have ordered from Brian's before - a Borneo Giant(no luck...)but not Plant delights - nice catalog, little pricey for me. I haven't needed to buy anything for a few years now...If you're in the Cincinnati area, Jungle Jims has some big bulbs. I do too in the fall - the price is right(free) but local only/NO SHIPPING(I'm not that nice...). Mine are generally in the 7 ft. range. I have(had) my biggest bulbs ever this spring. Might be a good summer! I took some pics last week & try to post some time.

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