where to find quarter ten gravel?

plantknitter(8)March 14, 2013

A few years back it seems I called everywhere within reasonable distance and could not find quarter ten gravel. As I recall most places never even heard of it and didn't know what I wanted.
I was looking for some for a rock garden area I was starting as that was the recommendation from several rock garden society sites.
I finally got something called chip sealer, which was 3/8 plain or something like that as it did not have the minus fines in it. But I think it is limestone not basalt that was mentioned in the Joycreek article..
I see eeldip has mentioned it as top dressing in lawns and it seems that could be a very good idea for high traffic areas.

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George Three LLC

i haven't had too much trouble finding it. i go to the place closest to my house, Oregon Decorative Rock, even though it is not cheap. I want to minimize the drive back with the fully loaded truck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oregon Decorative Rock

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

It might help us help you if you tell us where you live -- city & state.

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I think plantknitter is up north, but quarter-10 can't be too rare as it is also listed at Mt. Scott Fuel in SE PDX. I use it to under-dress Lewisias.

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oh, sorry, yes I'm north of Seattle in Snohomish county.
I saw a link from 2009 where Ann Lovejoy on Bainbridge was also recommending this approach. She mentions it doesn't matter what kind of gravel.
Any thoughts on that?

Here is a link that might be useful: kitsap article

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George Three LLC

i think 1/4 10 is about ideal. pea gravel might be the closest- but it doesn't level as well. 1/4 minus you will run into trouble with the fines. any bigger sized gravel will probably be less pleasant to walk on.

i had a very lumpy lawn, and repeated application of compost and 1/4 10 along with overseeding has leveled it pretty well. i didn't have a control area so nothing to compare it to.

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