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Kaycie0(Z6 = N Ky)June 3, 2004

Hi everyone, I wasn't sure which board to go to so I thought I would start with my neighbors. First I admit to being a total novice at gardening. My approach has been... If I plant enough flowers and shrubs, I won't have to cut the grass. Anyway, About two years ago, I bought a yellow lilac and for one it has never bloomed. I have suspected that it had to do with something that is makeing the leaves curl. However, the leaves to not change color or fall off, so I admit to pretty much ignoring it. I also have a hardy Hibiscus that is now exhibiting the same leaf curling, but again no discoloration accompanies it. I guess my question is really to see if anyone else in the area has had the same thing and could it have something to do with all the rain we have been getting? I have seen other posts about a possible fungus but I couldn't find anything specific. Any suggestions or direction is appreciated.

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MeMyselfAndI(5/6 central OH)

Hi! I totally agree with your theory about eradicating the whole mowing thing. I'm working on it in a housing development... right in the middle of 'grassdom!' ...Slowly, as to not arouse too much suspicion among the neighbors...

I have some plants behaving strangely, too. I am also chalking it up to TOO MUCH RAIN. I think one of my clumps of daisies has rotted.

I didn't know there were yellow lilacs. How cool! I hope they perk up!

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