Nasturtium Question

penelope(Z6 KY)June 6, 2007

I planted both N. Alaska 'Salmon Orange' & N. Dwarf Jewel Mix' directly in the ground sometime in April - I usually keep such great notes LOL. This was before those 4-5 nights of freezing temps. They did not bloom until the first of June. Isn't that a little late? Any comments.

Penny in Western KY

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Penny, Believe it or not, I've never grown them in all the places I've lived. I thought about it this spring, but it just never happened. Maybe someone else can answer. Things seem to have really slowed down on the forum, people probably out in their gardens.

How is your new ligularia doing?

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I'm in Columbus and I've never had them bloom before the end of June. I never grown the bush variety, tho. For the last several years I've winter-sown a whole row of Fordham's Favorites, and trained thm on a string trellis up a board fence. By the end of July, they're topping the 6' fence and threatening top break the strings, and are covered with flowers until late August.

Can't seem to get rid of the little black bugs they seems to attract, tho....

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I have seeds to different varieties I so wanted to get planted and enjoy this year, though I have never grown them b4.

Is it too late to plant them now? My thought is that it is really quite early in the season, and I still plan/hope to plant some cosmos, sweetpeas, morning glories, and maybe a few other things.

Not meaning to highjack this thread, but what does anyone think about planting of those now, or in the near future. I know oftentimes cosmos will reseed and bloom all in the same season.


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Penny -- that'll teach me to post before I check the garden. When I got home from owrk after posting this, I noticed two flowers on my nasturtiums, even tho the vines are only about 12" tall.

Best of luck with yours this summer!

Sue, I don't imagine it's too late in the season, but you'll really have to keep up with watering. The seeds prefer the cooler temps to get started, but they really need regular moist soil to establish. That's why they establish so readily in our nice wet springs, here in the Midwest. Hot, dry weather is a lot harder for them to establish themselves in, which is what makes it a little more difficult in the summer.

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penelope(Z6 KY)

The 'Bright Lights' Cosmos I planted on 4/26 have been blooming for about a week here. I do water this garden a lot. We haven't had any rain to speak of in over a month, I guess. There must be a lot of difference in our weather - It's been in the 90's here for weeks. I don't even go outside except to tour in the mornings - I have new daylilies blooming every day now.

I went to a Daylily Farm in Lynnville, IN on Sunday. They have almost 1300. It was 96 in the shade, so I didn't look too long.

My nasturiums are whimpy this year. I think the weather has been too extreme. They seem to like the cooler temps.


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Don't keep us in suspense...what daylilies did you buy?

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penelope(Z6 KY)

I only got four new DL. I'm going to have to make a new plan - I need more space prepared to put them.

>Frank Gladney - hot coral cerise, 6.5" blooms
>Ruby Spider - 9" blooms
>Real Bill - rose blend, 5.25" blooms
>Top Gun - pink w/ 6" blooms

I can't decide which I like the best. But I've got two hugh noid peach DL's blooming now that will rival any of them. I'll try to post pictures.

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