Niagara Falls and it's growth

mctavish6August 18, 2011

A few of you seemed interested in this plant so I looked back to it's history in my garden. I was surprised I've had it since 2004 - bought from Hosta Choice in Ontario. I don't have pictures that far back but I'm fairly sure I got a couple eyed division of mature looking leaves. I managed so set it back twice between then and now. The first time was at the begining of the second year, 2005 when I kept poking at where I thought it was in the ground. I must have broken off the eyes. It emerged with many small leaves looking like nothing in particular. I left it in a pot over winter.

At the begining of 2006 it was impressived again so I found it a place in the ground right by our courtyard table. I liked it there and planted it in the ground in begining of 2007. That seemed to set it back again.

In 2008 and 2009 it grew well and I realized I'd planted it too low. I wanted it to have room to hang over the wall and live there permanently. I raised it about a foot in 2010.

This year it increased in plant and leaf size by about 50%. My experience is probably not typical because I plant my plants too close together intentionally and move them when I need to. That most likely makes them grow slower than normal.

This plant grows in several hours of morning sun but gets shaded from noon or so on. As the season progresses it doesn't get any sun at all because there are trees to the east that are tall. The sun is higher than the trees only during a few months in summer. By fall the color is much darker green because of the shade conditions. It seems to start out light green. Some of the pictures below make it even look blue. That probably depends on the camera and time of day.

This plant certainly was an eye catcher this year for anyone who saw the garden. If there are two versions, that is sad. It's worth looking for the original one I think.

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Babka NorCal 9b

That last photo is magnificent. You have illustrated how a hosta given the right conditions will thank you big time. I am so glad you persevered, even when it wasn't performing well. It is fun to see the progression over the years.


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bernd ny zone5

Mctavish6, thanks a lot for your effort to explain the beginnings of your stunning beautiful hosta. So my 1 eye dark green Niagara Falls with only 11 waves may have a future. It is sitting in early morning sun and afterwards under a high tree canopy in bright shade. You had yours in shade and it darkened, and as a young plant only had around 11 or no waves depending on circumstances. Your pictures show that there is mostly a huge difference in appearance between young and mature plants.
Thanks again! Bernd

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Thanks for posting all of the pictures. I stopped in at my local nursery today to check out their sale and see what was left over and low and behold they had a Niagara Falls! I was concerned that it wasn't labeled correctly because it is a fairly light green but it has nice large rippled leaves and liked the look so I bought it anyway. I'm glad to see the various shades that yours has gone through. Maybe mine will develop that lovely dark green shade too! Thanks so much. I always love seeing your pictures. Your garden is lovely and your pictures are always so artistic.

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Yours is a great one. I've killed two and a third isn't doing much. I may have to get serious about finding a better spot. My first three spots all leave something to be desired. And with hostas, it's all about spots.

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Myrle,all I can say is:Wow! Mine haas a long ways to go,but it already has the rippled leaves,so I think it will be alright. Thanks for showing what the potential can be for this plant! Phil

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Thanks for the nice comments folks. Looking back on this plant it surprised me how long I had it. I could see from my own pictures how "messing with it" set it back. That is probably why many of my plants take much longer than the three or four years to reach anything like maturity. Oh well, I like the crowded look and until I can't physically move things, I'll keep doing what I do. I don't usually get stunned by my own plants because I see them all the time once they are up. This year I was away for 3 days in late May just when they were opening. When I came home I was shocked by Niagara Falls. It had gotten so big! So did quite a few others. This seemed to be a year many leaped which kept me busy finding a better place for them. That combined with the weather keeping me inside some of the time is why I haven't been around much. I'm still trying to catch up on the alphabet which is now finished....Myrle

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having just come across this old post of mctavish6 i had to order one!...thanks mctavish6,great pics

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Thanks for reviving this post in hosta shopping season. I too will be purchasing this one.

Who is still shopping

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Best you post your 2012 picture of it so we can all drool over it again. I would lover to steal it but you may notice how big mine got in such a short period of time.Maybe there is home for my tiny Niagara Falls.

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I am pleased someone refreshed this thread of Niagara Falls. I bet this plant of Myrle's sold many a NF in the last year or so. Mine is directly attributable to hers.

Mine has immature leaves, and while I put it in a big pot, I also stashed Aqua Velva (a fragrant hosta) in there with it until next year. Hmmm, maybe I can find a picture of it, but it is no way impressive.

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Ludi _PA_7a

WOW ! Thanks to whoever dug this one out of the archives. That is a beautiful hosta ... as an avid fan of Jade Cascade this comes in a close second.

Again Mctavish, beautiful hosta. I agree, you should show use her majesty in 2012.


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uk-hostaman on link to see 2102 version...after reading this post i ordered a mature division and is one of my favs now!

Here is a link that might be useful: niagra falls 2012

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Just to enable you all a little more, don't overlook Hoosier Dome a relative of Niagara Falls. It's similar but with rounder, cupped down leaves.

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