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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)June 30, 2004

If this is common knowledge please forgive me. But I read where OSU's Plant Facts has audio files that speak the latin names for you.

It's a little slow, but a lot of fun. Boy was I off on a few names.

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storygardener(5/6 central oh)

I LOVE that link, Bakemom. I, too, have been saying some of these wrong. I don't suppose it makes that much difference. But, it's fun to HEAR the correct way to say it.

Thanks for the website!


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In college I was a little surprised to hear how differently latin names were pronounced depending on which science professor was doing the pronouncing. For instance, Arthropoda was pronounced Ar-throp'-uh-duh (both o's short, emphesis on the second syllable) or Ar-thro-po'-duh (both o's long, emphasis on the third syllable). Which one is right? Anyone here versed in latin?

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ginam_oh(COL/OH z5)

Only from which the "O" sound is always a "pure" vowel. That is, it's long. "I" is always pronounced "EE". "A" is always pronounced "AAH". "U" is always "OOO". "E" is kind of an "EH" leaning toward an "AEH".

So "Ubi caritas amor, deus ibi est....ora pro nobis" would be oooobee caahreetaahs aahmor, dehoos eebee ehst....oraah pro nobees.

Singing in Latin is fun! :)

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