orange star bulb holdover?

WendyB(5A/MA)April 29, 2011

I bought this gorgeous orange star flower (Ornithogalum Chesapeake series) a while back at the grocery store. It lasted seemingly for months, but is finally fading and I am wondering about re-forcing it for next year. It is not frost tolerant, so I can't plant it outside, but I would really love to try to let it go dormant and replant it next winter.

Anyone ever do anything like that?

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Okay so with no takers on this one, I decided what to do with it... I'm going to treat it like an Amaryllis.

I will put it outside after frost and let the foliage soak up the sun (transitioning it in part-shade to avoid sunburn). I will bring it into the garage in August/September and let it go dormant. Then it goes to a cool dark corner of the unheated basement in late October or November. THen I bring it up in January or February and cross my fingers.

I detect that there are 3 separate bulbs in the 4" pot. I may divide them into 3 different experiment pots and alter the treatment a bit (shade/sun, moist/dry, dormancy length).

However, after making this plan, I noticed that one of the leaves is turning yellow and it reminds me that it might be acting like a daffodil If so, there goes my plan... :-( Maybe its just an unhappy leaf.

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I received this same plant for mothers day from my boyfriend and children. It lasted for 2 months and acted almost like a tulip. I also found the bulbs and am treating them like tulips. I really don't know if this is right or wrong. Any extra information you have on this I would greatly appreciate since I really don't want to lose this great gift.

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This link should provide you with some info to help out, seems to have lots of good advise and experience from the past couple of years with this plant.

I glanced through some of the posts that start in 2006 with the original post and there are posts that go through 2011.

Hope it helps with what to do.


Here is a link that might be useful: info on growing orange star bulb.

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