Voles, Field Mice or Chipmunk!?

ClevelandGreenThumbJune 22, 2014


I keep seeing this tiny 'mouse' like rodent scurrying across my patio at any point of the day lately and I'm sure it's not a chipmunk... I noticed lately that in my flowerbeds there are what look like trenches but only go as far as the mulch and not into the soil very deep. They almost look like crevasse running several feet or so and are about 2" at the widest.

I also have a duck nesting, or I would get serious about eliminating this pest... Anyone know what it might be? It's sounding like a Voles to me... Any suggestions?

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You most likely have voles. I have had them in my flowerbed and used mouse traps to catch/kill them and D-con rat poison. Slightly dig up their tunnel and place the poison and/or trap in the tunnel.

Haven't had a problem in 4 years.

Good luck.

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