New plants from seed in the Ohio Valley - a summary

alanrocks(z6 KY)June 17, 2004

I've been growing perennials & annuals from seed exchanges for several years. I'm posting a list of plants that have been successful, marginal, and duds for the current growing season. Let me know if you have grown these in the Ohio Valley and how they did. And if they are in my "duds" category - what you did to make them germinate!

SUCCESSFUL (enough plants to meet my needs - or more)

Baptisa australe (Blue False Indigo)

Cephaleria gigantia (Giant Scabious)

Collinsia heterophyla (Chinese Houses)

Delphinium - Larkspur (Imperial Giant)

Galtonia candicans (Summer hyacinth)

Gauria (Wild)

Gilia capitata (Globe Gilia)

Gypsophilia Convent Garden (Annual Baby's Breath)

Hibiscus furcellatus (Salad hibiscus)

Phlox maculata (Purple Garden Phlox)

Tithonia (Mexican Sunflower)

MARGINAL (barely enough or not enough to meet my needs)

Alcea rosa var. nigris (Black Hollyhock)

Anchusa capensis

Athanasia crythmifolia

Bupleurum fruitcosum

Cephalophoria aromatica

Laylia platyglossa (Tidy Tips)

Linaria maroccana (Toadflax)

Schizanthus (Butterfly flower)

Sisyrhynchium (Yellow-eyed grass)

DUDS (no germination)

Alchemilla mollis (Lady's Mantle)

Callirhoe involucrata (Poppy Mallow)

Castilleja indivisa (Indian Paintbrush)

Centauria montana (Mountain Bluet)

Clarkia (Rocky Mtn. Garland)

Gilia tricolor (Bird's Eye Gilia)

Nemophilia maculata (Five Spot)

Papaver (any varieties)

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Sounds like you'll have some interesting new plants to play around with.

As far as a couple of your poor germinators go - Schizanthus and black hollyhocks should do better. I grew about a half-dozen of the latter from seed this spring (Lake Valley seed). Freshness of the seed may have been a problem.

Never heard of salad hibiscus - sounds different.

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

I did 260+ containers winter sowing. If anyone is interested, I can email the database. It's a little nuts.

Comparing my list to yours, my Linaria germinated well and planted out fine. I'm wondering if I have it in too much sun. We'll see.

Chinese houses germinated fine, but I forget where I planted them, so I can't report on blooms. Oh well.

Larkspur Imperial Giants have great germination, beautiful plant out and are ready to pop!

My tithonia containers did not germinate. They were all trades I think.

Poppies of various varieties germinated well, but I lost a few to frying. Otherwise, I have blooms getting ready to burst in a variety of pockets.

Black Hollyhocks were half and half, but some are planted out and doing fine.

Can't tell you my secret - just plunk them in milk jugs with miracle gro potting soil and throw them out in the snow. I like your list - am taking a few notes if you don't mind.

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lavflame(z6B KY)

As far as poppies go, if you are talking annual types, I have the best success direct sowing these in late fall (November) thru early spring, no later than early April. Once they get going in an area, they will self sow nicely as well.

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sylky00(z6 KY)

I have never gotten poppies to germinate, either. A lady who lives nearby & grows them successfully has given me some seeds. I'm going to sow them this fall-will see if they do better than purchased seed, on which I've wasted a lot of money. I have gotten Alchemilla to grow from seed, but I don't remember the particulars-it's been awhile. I grow w/ reg. fluorescent lighting, potting mix, & seed flats. The Alchemilla did not do well, though. The plants were only about 6" high, not the billowy clouds you see in the seed catalogs. I've grown the Tithonia, also-did not do anything special.

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I am having a terrible time starting four o'clocks! I had tons at my old house. I have tried 4 times in different locations and not a single one! They were all bought packets and current year seeds? Sugguestions?

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

OH KyME, you and I are in the same boat. I literally sowed hundreds of seeds and got ONE plant to bloom and I think I got that one from Alison. I'm going to winter sow again, but wait until later, like March. My direct sow did nothing and my winter sow did very very little.

UPDATE - my annual poppies were fabulous! So were my mexican hat and balsam.

As for perennial poppies - orientals, I'm going to try and grow them from my seeds for the first time this year and it's my understanding that they winter sow beautifully.

I have my 2005 winter sowing data base and direct sowing data base constructed. Way too much fun.

Summer sowing has been fun too - butterfly weed, maltese cross, veronica, purple perennial scabiosa, and finally SEA HOLLY!

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kowalleka(z6 OH)

To KyME & bakemom -

I can't be that far from either of you - I am in Hamilton. I have lliterally tons of four o-clocks that come up from seed every year. Reds, yellows and bi-colors. I usually have to pull quite a few out because they are too crowded.

The only thing I can think of that is "special" at my place is that they are sheltered by the overhanging edge of the roof and don't get much water. Maybe that keeps them from rotting or washing away? I winter seeded them about 8 years ago.

If you want to try my seed, I will gladly send you some this fall.


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I would really appreciate it. Let me known where to send the sase. I love 4'oclocks and I really want to try again. My e-mail address: is
Thanks again.
I live in Louisville, Ky

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Thanks Diane, but I had already hit the exchanges and am armed and ready again. I'm going to give placement a second look.

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kowalleka(z6 OH)

Well bakemom, if they don't take next year, look me up then. My will still be prospering (I hope).

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