Is anyone here from Southern Idaho?

smartcookie23(4)March 23, 2006

Hi everyone! I just moved into my first home here in Bear Lake Idaho. I came from Oregon where there is no snow, to -25 degree temps and 4 feet in my yard! I am not sure when to get my seeds started indoors, I have no idea when this awful weather will end. Can anyone give me advice on when to start my seeds, and what flowers grow here?


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sharons2(z3-4 ID)

I'm in Bear Lake, but I usually go to the Far North forum, so I didn't see your posting until now.

The average last frost date is May 30th, and most people plant their gardens on Memorial Day. I have probably about 100 different perennials growing here, so you can grow quite a bit. Zone 4 plants are good, Zone 3 plants are even better. For trees, you are safer if you stick with Zone 3 or lower.

Secrist Gardens is by the lake, and they know a lot about what will grow in this area, too.

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Hi. I'm just west of you in Soda Springs. I think I've talked to you, Sharon, before. I just jumped in because, as a rule, I head to Pocatello greenhouses and I haven't heard about Secrist Gardens. Do they by any chance grow their own plants?

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Howdy smartcookie23 . I am in Idaho Falls, also zone 4. How is your spring progressing?

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Hey Idahoans- these great folks have created a space for Idaho gardeners! No more drifting around looking for a space to chat and learn! Hooray!

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Hi smartcookie!
I live south of you, just across the Utah border.
There is a good nursery in Garden City that carries some hardy plants for our severe climate.
Lilacs and rhubarb are the only sure thing I can grow out here!

Where is the Idaho Gardner forum?
Can you give us a link drgnflyz?


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sharons2(z3-4 ID)

Hmmm. I think I could stand to check in on the Northern Forum more often. There is a link to the Idaho Gardner forum in the "What's New on GardenWeb" area at the top of any forum you choose. It has been slow getting going.

Mla2ofus, I have talked to you before. What are the good Pocatello greenhouses? And how hard are they to find from I-15? I have to go back to Idaho Falls in 2 weeks, but I've already checked out the nurseries there.

I think I just barely noticed the Nursery in Garden City, too. What is it called? Needles and Pines? It's on highway 89.

Secrist Gardens is a little harder to find, since it's not on the highway. It is up by North Beach, so you need to turn at The Bear Cave and drive past East Beach to get there. Lately, they've had a sign next to a dirt road a little farther south that says "Lakeside Nursery" on it.

The Secrists buy plugs (I believe) and plant them in gallon containers in the summer and fall and then overwinter them before they are sold. The gallons are usually $3 each, though a few plants cost a little bit more. They don't push their plants ahead with fertilizers, but they do mix up some excellent potting soil. They only sell perennial flowers, and their display garden is one of the best that I've seen. They have a 4-year rotation schedule for the plants that they sell, so the colors they have available change from year to year.


Here is a link that might be useful: Idaho Gardening Forum

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