Recommendations for Fruit & Nut Yard Trees

dave_xeniaJuly 28, 2010

I am moving to a home in the Xenia Ohio area and the yard is a clean slate. I am a long time gardener but have never put my hand at fruit or nut trees.

This is my question ... of the different fruit & nut varieties, if you wanted a good looking yard tree, something that a novice could handle the trimming, and I would like to avoid the use of chemical sprays near my home ... pretty much I am looking for the lowest maintanance tree that would give me a fruit or a nut while being handsome at the same time.

Is there such a perfect tree? What would be your choice?


PS. I am thinking in the area Plumbs, Mallberries, and my kids (and my bees) would just adore a cherry tree.

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Illinois Everbearing mulberry - fast-growing, will make a great 'shade tree' in just a few years, makes a nice climbing tree for kids, and produces lots of top-quality tasty berries for about 6 weeks in early summer. Few pests - but you'll have to battle the birds for the berries.
Shagbark hickories have multi-season interest - big buds that look like tulips when they're unfolding, neat exfoliating bark, and warm golden fall color - and tasty nuts, if a bit tough to crack.
Northern pecan makes a great shade tree - but there need to be 2 or 3 varieties or seedling trees in the area to get decent crops of nuts.
Heartnut(J.ailantifolia var cordiformis) makes a great wide-spreading, almost tropical-looking tree, and the nuts are tasty, if a bit bland, for my taste.
Persimmons - American, Asian, and hybrids are all low-care/no-spray.

Check out Nolin River Nut Tree Nursery and England's Orchard & Nursery websites for good candidates.

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