What to do with seeds from galanthus (snowflake)

westover(Portland OR)March 23, 2009

The blossoms of galanthus are fading now, exposing the green seeds within. I don't have clear information about what to do with those seeds -- when and how to collect them, when and how to plant them, or even if it's worthwhile to bother with them, since the advice I read on propagating galanthus focuses on lifting and dividing the bulbs, not on using the seeds.


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The seed pods will eventually turn yellow and open and disperse the seed. You can try to collect the seed before it falls, and then sow it in potting mix in a flat. Keep the mix moist, and keep the flat in a shaded place, but at outdoor temperature. Next spring, the seeds will germinate. They will take several years to reach bloom size.

The easier option is to let the seed fall, then cover it with good topsoil or bark mulch, and let it grow in place. You can end up with a large group of plants in a few years.

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Karchita(WA Z8)

Mine self-seed a lot on their own, sometimes pretty far away from the original clumps. It may be better or at least a lot easier to let them seed themselves than to try to interfere.

A key question would be if they are pollinated because there aren't a lot of pollinators out and about in January and February.

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