Are your plants frying?

alison(6b/OH)July 3, 2012

I know this is an unusual growing year, but I'm seeing a lot of plants peaking and pooping out earlier than ever this year. And hosta that have done well for three years, are now frying in the same locations.

My mother's daylilies put up a few blooms a month ago in Cincinnati, and are now nothing more than puddles of dead brown leaves and stems.

It doesn't seem like were getting more sun, or significantly less water, but I noticed far more hot windy days this spring and early summer, and I know that can really stress plants.

Is anyone noticing similar problems this season?

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yes mine are melting. It has been too hot. have to water my hanging baskets 2 times a day!

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I'm glad I finally built a stand and got my rain barrel up and running. The extra height gives me enough pressure to run a soaker hose 20 feet away.

(Now I'm looking to see where else I can tuck rain barrels around the house....)

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But Alison, it has to rain to fill those! Before the storm last week, I hadn't gotten rain in my yard (about 10 miles north of you I think) for over 3 weeks!) So I have been watering. I dread to see my water bill this quarter. It had gone up by $20 already on the spring bill.

Many things bloomed some 10 days ahead of last year, but others (like the old roses) were right on schedule. So far, most everything is holding on okay--lost a few potted seedlings and baby plants that I didn't keep up with well enough though.

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My plants are doing great. I have 1 hosta, that was just planted last fall, and a peace lily, that isn't doing so good, but other than that...I water about every 3-4 days, soaking them pretty good, at about midnight. Almost all of my plants were rescues this year and all were nearly dead when I bought them for a buck or two. They are on the north side of my house. I will post some pics later!!!!

Hope your plants do okay!

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Here are the pics of my plants.... Sorry...just now posting...

Have a great day!!

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