What's blooming in your July Ohio Valley garden?

alison(6b/OH)July 19, 2006

It's almost too much to list!

I've got roses, clematis, several kinds of sedum, coreopsis, cosmos, Texas bluebonnets, celosia, 4:00s, gaillardia, lilies, several kinds of daylilies, honeywort, geraniums, 2 kinds of cuphea, stocks, night stocks, fuschia, heliotrope, alyssum, pendulous begonia, calendula, marigolds, echinacea, verbena, the basils, larkspur, scented geraniums, daisies, winter-hardy glads... and that's just off the top of my head!

I'm thrilled, thrilled, thrilled with this stand of stargazer lilies. I've never had such a thick stand of lilies before, but this is the bed I put coffee grounds on. For once, the squirrels didn't dig up the majority of the bulbs I planted, and they all bloomed!

This is my new favorite daylily, Franz Hals. The colors are a bit washed out, because it was so bright this morning, (I wish the cement really was that blue!) but the yellow and orange are incredibly vibrant.

And this is a bit of a cheat, because it's not in my garden, but here's a shot of the waterlilies blooming on the pond at Goodale Park.

So what's blooming by you?

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Daylilies, lilies, roses, salvia, scabiosa, Penstamon (burgundy fans? something like that), mums, daisies, spiderwort, dianthus, soapwort, grasses, petunias, snow-on-the-mountain, nepeta,....I know I'm forgetting something! I'll have to really make a list!

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storygardener(5/6 central oh)

Pretty pics, Alison!!

I've got a bit blooming - perennials: mums, clematis, daylilies, Becky shasta daisey, echinaceas, sedums, joe pye weed, phloxes, beebalm, gayfeather liatris, lavendar, silphium cupplant, russian sage, cat mint, kalimeris, mexican hat, coreopsis, honeysuckle, cranesbill, spiderwort, campanulas, helianthus, heliopsis, achillea, allium, campanula, assorted rock garden plants, coreopsis, balloon flower, and more.

Annuals - petunias, cosmos, marigold, calenduala, cigar plant, batface plant, amarathis, larkspur, impatiens, allysum, batchelor buttons, forget me nots and more.

They've been on their own this summer. Mimi's boys and my sweet hubby have been watering the pots and tomatoes. Some friends came over one day to weed for me while my foot heals. Other than that...actually - they are doing quite well. Murray put down 80+ bags of mulch, so that helped.

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alanrocks(z6 KY)

Considering how sparse my flowers are compared to the spring, I can hardly believe I have all these blooming: Alstroemaria aurantiaca (Peruvian lily), Anchusa capensis (Cape Forget-Me-Not), Antirrhinum nanum 'Black Prince' snapdragon (also 'Popette' variety), Astilbe, Campanula punctata 'Cherry Bells', Canna, Catananche coerulea (Cupid's Dart), Ceratostigma plumbagonoides (Leadwort), Chives, Dicentra (Bleeding Heart), Echinops ritro (Globe Thistle at peak), Eryginium (Sea Holly), Gladiolus, Hollyhocks, Kitaibelia vitifolia (Yugoslav hibiscus), Knautia macedonia, Kniphofia uvaria (I think it has broken a record for my yard), easter lily - or something like that - (about 5' tall), morning glories are just starting, Lynchis coronaria - rose and white campion - (winding down), Maltese Cross (winding down), Malva sylvestris, Nicotiana ÂSensationÂ, Pardancanda (Candylily), Pink Platycodon (balloonflower), Salvia transylvanica (sparse), Salvia ulignosa - bog sage - (in full-bloom), Sidalcea malivflora - pink checkerbloom - (sparse), Sphaeralcea incana, Stachys byzantina (LambÂs Ear), Stokesia laevis (Stoke's Aster), Tiarella cordifolia Foamflower, Tinantia erecta, Veronica spicata, and a 7' tall native yellow flower I got from a co-worker (name unknown at the moment).
In the way of shrubby plants, I have: Prairie mimosa, Caryopteris clandonensis 'Worchester Gold' (just starting)...

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actually i don't have much in bloom-- milkweed is finishing.
jens monk rugosa is re blooming. day lilies just finished.
rubeckia just burst forth yesterday, golden-rod is about to pop open, rose of sharon is going all out. st john'swort is just finishing too, ditto with torch lillies(yellow), and the orange and yellow echinacias i got this spring. seems every this is just not at the right timew this year.

i found some japanese anenomes-- thought those were goners from the 2005 swap--right where i planted them and some pink foxglove popped up too. we leave on vacation in a week so i hope to cut grass, tame weeds and leave it like that.
because school starts again and life become complex all over.
i got a boat load of fancy roses as a treat to myself and finally got them planted on fathersday weekend. they were bare root roses from wayside and all already blooming:
pat austin, cary grant, easy livin', marmalade skys, honey dijon, julia child, something that i forget and ebb tide--
ebb tide was a freebie.i think they will all get a year in the ground and next spring i'll be bringing ebb tide, and honey dijon to the spring swap. ebb tide is a muddy purple-- reminds me of dried blood and honey dijon is just about the shade of dijon mustard-- grey poupon to be sure-- not excited about either.

all these roses have been in bloom for about 2 weeks which just blows me away as they started out as sticks less than 4 weeks before. plants are small, flowers are small and slightly irregular, but imporve with each bloom. pat austin is a bit droopy but this i gather is how she behaves.

mostly this year i'm working at week abatement. i've got a lot of what i want where i want so now is the time to let it grow a bit.

more later. i'll see folks in the spring, got a catering to do on the weekend of the fall swap.

alison great pictures-- i always like to see what you post because of your pictures.


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Just got back from vacation last week and was thrilled to see so much color in my garden. Now that everything has started blooming I can finally identify all my inherited wealth ;-) I'm such a novice that I was really having a hard time just figuring out what I had!
Blooming so far are summer phlox, spiderwort (since June really and probably finishing up?), goldsturm, purple coneflowers, sunflowers, hibiscus (rose mallow I believe), morning glories (at least I think that's what they are - some light blueish/lavenderish and some white), and my masses of liriope finally have their pretty purple "cones".
Unfortunately, the few, sad, half eaten hostas I have never really bloomed - I need to help those little guys! Still a few unknowns out there but I'm definitely making progress!! (Sometimes I joke that this is the garden that time forgot, the house having sat empty for so long before we bought it - I'm amazed that anything has survived to come back!) Finally got most the of the weeds under control and am ready to do some major mulching. Even though it's almost August, I'd really like to add whatever I can to fill in the big empty spaces where the weeds had taken over.
And I'm actually going to try some cuttings from my oakleaf hydrangea before it gets too late. Wish me luck ;-)
Now to see if I can get prepared with something to offer at the Sept swap. It will be my first and I'm hoping to have enough to contribute to be able participate!


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