Yippee-Diane is doing a fall Columbus swap - Sat. Sept. 16 -LINK

storygardener(5/6 central oh)July 15, 2006

Yay!!! Diane is going to do the fall swap in Columbus (Hilliard). It's on Saturday, Sept. 16 (NOT Sept 17 - that's an error)

Here's the link to the Get-together's forum for all the info.

Thanks, Diane!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Get-together's Forum (then click Columbus Swap)

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This will seem like a strange post, but you are the only community of gardeners I've found so far after googling "community gardners" and "Columbus garnders" for quite a while!

I'm a bride getting married in a few weeks, and really don't have the money for flowers for the wedding (they're SO expensive! YIKES!). My fiance has just come home from Iraq working for a relief and development company, and we really are having just the simplest wedding short of going to city hall and getting married that way. We were fortunuate enough to get our church for just $50! (woo hoo!), my friend gave me my dress for free AND paid to have it altered to fit me...suffice to say all sorts of great things have been happening to us leading up to the wedding, but flowers are still out of reach.

Someone mentioned perhaps contacting a group of local gardeners to see if they might be willling to have us/help us prune through their roses or other flowers. Obviously, I know that gardeners don't GROW their flowers just to have them clipped away, but maybe there is someone out there who would be interested in this?

Our colors are ivorys, browns, burnt oranges, tans, with accents of bright greens, and fuscia (basically bright fall colors)...

I couldn't offer much in return - maybe an invite to the wedding (you'd end up with some sweet tasty cake out that!); I can do newsletters or graphic design work if any of you are looking for that sort thing. If you ARE interested or know someone who is, please email me at brideflowerseeker@gmail.com, or simply reply here.

Thank you!

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storygardener(5/6 central oh)

bump -

it's happening soon. Hope you all can make it to the swap.

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