Bboy (and others), a question

dottyinduncan(z8b coastal BC)March 27, 2013

I read your response to the poster who wants to get rid of Salal and you mention using RU to get rid of Giant Morning Glory. I am curious about the morning glory seeds available and whether this type of MG becomes invasive. I already am battling bindweed (and a dozen other pests in the garden) and certainly don't want to add another. But I do love the big, blue flowers on MG.

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Ornamental morning glories are annuals and do not overwinter here. I have never seen (or heard) of anyone having issues with them becoming a nuisance. In fact, it is not often hot enough in the summer for them to bloom to their full capacity unless started quite early.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Giant morning glory is the big, invasive weedy perennial with white flowers you may be referring to here as bindweed.

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dottyinduncan(z8b coastal BC)

Thanks bboy and Gardengal. That is what I thought but I wanted the confirmation from our resident experts. I might try some MG on a sheltered wall this summer.

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Karchita(WA Z8)

I've had good success growing the gorgeous blue morning glory (Ipomoea tricolor) on a south facing trellis in years with normal spring temps. Depending on your site, they may not do so well in a really wet and cold year. It takes some deadheading to keep the blooms coming at maximum capacity all summer, but really worth the effort. It has self seeded for me, but just a little bit, and they are easy to recognize and pull.

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