Small upright shade bush

Carol7853August 10, 2014

I have a small shade space on the north side next to concrete stairs. The space is 2" square and 3.5" tall. I am looking for a small upright shrub and looking for suggestions.

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What you chose depends a lot on what type of shade we are talking about. I know that is convoluted, let me explain. Some areas are shaded all day and never get any direct sun light. Some areas are only partially shaded and get some direct sun light. Direct means nothing between that spot and the sun. Also, is the soil well drained, or are we talking wet shade? I know you said the north side of your home, but during the summer months the north side of my home gets partial shade on both sides, and all shade in the middle.

You have to be sure your plant will do well, or else you are wasting time and money to get a poor little Charlie Brown bush with ugly brown needles or leaves, and never blooms if it is supposed to.

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